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KASTRA Posts: 369
6/18/14 1:00 P

My husband is a LOUD snorer and has been tested and confirmed to have sleep apnea. He tried the mask for all of a day and could not sleep with it and declared it was not for him. He does get some relief (and so do I!) by using Breathe Right nose strips - the Advanced version on the orange and blue box (our local grocery and Rx stores do not carry them, but I get them either at Sam's Club or online). He has not been retested using those to see if it entirely eliminates the apnea, but it does reduce his snoring and startled wake-ups when he snores us both awake (mostly, he still does it now and then). He insists he wants to lose 20 or so pounds before he gets retested.

Just wanted to toss that out there as an option to try with your stubborn hubby that sounds a lot like mine.

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BELLENGLISH Posts: 1,391
6/18/14 10:26 A

Yes, to be on the safe side of caution, you should visit your doctor and explain what is going on in your life. Also, keep a journal and document your weight loss journey. Hope everything works out for you.

GEALACH Posts: 4
6/18/14 6:54 A

Thanks everyone.
Anarie, my husband does snore AND smoke. A few years ago I worked for a medical supply company that specialized in C-pap machines and after extensive talk with our nurses I realized this was DH's problem. He said he could never sleep with a mask, attached to a machine so I dropped it.
Since we share the same doctor maybe I'll mention it to her when I go!
Thank you all for the advice

6/16/14 8:30 A

I would definitely see a doctor. With or without the fatigue issue -- and it IS an issue -- if you're starting a weight-loss campaign, it's never a bad idea to know where you're at overall on your thyroid, iron, cardiovascular health, and so on.

ANARIE Posts: 12,980
6/16/14 12:07 A

Do you snore? Does hubby?

What you're describing sounds very much like what happens to people with sleep apnea, or in some cases their spouses. Sleep deprivation affects weight, being overweight makes sleep apnea worse... It's all a vicious cycle. Add secondhand smoke into the picture, and it's just that much worse.

Generally speaking, if it enters your mind that you need to see a doctor, you probably do. There's a good chance that the doc will immediately ask you about sleep and snoring; if s/he doesn't, be sure to bring it up yourself. And if they don't find anything physically wrong with you, move on to getting DH checked out.

(My dad finally got a C-Pap after at least 60 years of terrible snoring. He was never overweight, but in the year since he got it, my MOM has lost 30 pounds without changing her diet and while exercising slightly less. His snoring-- and more to the point, his stopping-- had kept her from getting a decent night's sleep for 52 years!)

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6/15/14 9:50 P

yes you should see your doctor for an ECG.

6/15/14 8:22 P

Go to a nutritionist to have your diet emulated. 80% of weight loss / body change is diet.

GEALACH Posts: 4
6/15/14 8:20 P

I've been a VERY active 130-140 pounds my whole life. I was a dancer & cheerleader as a kid, through high school and into college. After having my 2 youngest children 9 months apart I gained a lot of weight (197) that I couldn't seem to shake (got down to 177). I won't lie- they just graduated from high school- so it'snot like this is just baby fat that I'm not working hard enough to loose!
I have gone to the gym for years, done classes from yoga to Zumba to booty camp. I've done cardio, weights, personal training- nothing has worked. I've taken diet pills, slim fast shakes, weight watchers... I'm even a vegetarian! I was able to get down to 170... 170?!? Seriously?!

I know I'll never be 130 again- I was dancing 3-4 hours a day, 5-6 days a week back then and I was in my 20's! I'm ok with that but I would like to get to 150 or 160. It's not a lot of weight- it SHOULD be easy! My problem is, when I work out my heart rate SKYROCKETS and I cannot breathe. I mean,I get dizzy, sometimes I get weak in the knees and when my workouts over I'm DONE...exhausted. I've even caught myself nodding off in the car on the way to work after a workout! Working out used to jazz me up- energize me. Now (although I still love going) it puts me to sleep.
My husband smokes 2+ packs of cigarettes a day and we just walked 2 miles. He was 15 minutes ahead of me. 15 MINUTES!! And when I got home I was so winded I had to sit for 10 minutes just to catch my breath!

Can anyone out there tell me if this sounds like something I need to talk to a doctor about or am I just THAT out of shape? Remember: I've been working on loosing this "baby weight" for 18 years now.

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