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3/21/14 11:07 P

Thank you all. All good advice.

BJGPUGSLEY SparkPoints: (20,675)
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3/21/14 11:00 P

Very helpful

BEACHCALSIX SparkPoints: (9,258)
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3/21/14 9:17 P

I agree with the others, after losing 20 lbs it's definitely time to up the exercise.Your food intake sounds pretty good but make sure you're not snacking too much throughout the day without realizing it. Sometimes I'll snack on "just a few chips" and think it won't effect but if you add it up throughout the day it really does!
Anyways I started off with 1/2 mile then moved up to 1 mile. Now after 3 months I'm going about 3-4 miles daily, sometimes just walking, sometimes just 2 miles with some jogging,etc.
if I see my weight loss slowing down I will add another 1/2 mile or I will try to jog a little further and that seems to keep the plateau away
Lots of luck and great job with your loss so far :)

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3/21/14 5:24 P

take a walk around the block. Maybe if you had a small animal that could keep you company? emoticon

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3/19/14 10:03 P

Getting enough sleep makes a really big difference also. I know that sleep helps to lose weight and also drink a lot of water. I have been drinking water with a lot of lemon juice (no calories). I find that I have to go to the bathroom a lot and it is helping me lose weight fast. I would be careful with the lemon if you are not used to it because you don't want to get an upset stomach. Just take it slow. Good luck.

3/19/14 1:47 A

Thanks, I will try the trackers. And yes it is time to change things up on the exercise routine.

CANDACEMM Posts: 1,218
3/18/14 11:26 A

Plateaus are common in losing weight. Definitely use the fitness and nutrition tracker and make sure that the information matches what you're currently doing for fitness. Sometimes a simple tweak or change can go a long way.

3/18/14 10:43 A

I agree with the below post to use the trackers and changing things up. If your body gets used to a routine, it is hard to make any progress since it knows what it will be getting and burning. I also spoke to my trainer recently on the same issue and he told me I may not be eating enough so everything is stored for later, which could be your issue. If you are burning so many calories just in general, plus exercise, you need to make sure you are eating enough to fuel your body. I would highly recommend changing your routine and adding in more cardio and maybe some additional strength workouts. A mile is great! But maybe instead of walking try jogging or different speed intervals, or try adding longer walks on the weekends if time permits. Anything really to add variety to shake up your body into something it is not used to and I bet you will see some progress on the scale.

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3/18/14 9:13 A

Are you using the Nutrition and Fitness Trackers here on SparkPeople? If not, that is always a great place to start. After tracking for a week or so you will see things you did not before.

Also, how long have you been doing the same exercise regimen? Maybe it's time to change it up. You body might be used to what you're doing now and learning how to do it very efficiently (i.e., using less energy and thus burning fewer calories).

Good luck!

3/18/14 5:40 A

Hi, My name is Dennis. I set out a year ago this coming May 25th to lose 36lbs. Started at 206 and want to get down to 170. Totally changed my life style and lost 20 lbs up to two months ago and since then have been stuck at 185. I eat a scrambled egg or 1/2 cup oatmeal with a little honey and some blueberries or a poached egg on a slice of toast for breakfast. I walk a mile every morning and when I get home I work out on my Total gym for 20 minutes. One day strength training and the next cardio. But I do this every day. For lunch I may juice a carrot, 2 celery sticks a cucumber and 2 small apples three days a week and the rest I may have tuna salad on baby leaf Romain lettuce. Or a smoothie with frozen blueberries, banana, ground chia, almonds, flax seed, bee pollen, a tbs of peanut butter with 0 calorie flavored water one day a week. I snack every 3 hours or so on 10 to 12 raw almonds, or pistachios or cashews or frozen grapes or blueberries. For supper I have a normal meal of roast chicken, fish, or a small steak with a baked sweet potato and steamed vegies. All this in small portion size. I eat between 5 and 6. Never later than 6 except to snack on one of the above snacks or a hard boiled egg after 3 hours from supper. Now, for two months I am stuck at 185. HELP ME! Not a clue why I can't break it. All suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks Dennis

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