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1/3/13 4:24 P

Hi Bon and all. Great suggestions have already been offered, but I will toss mine into the mix too. First, you did great losing 30 lbs & only 20 have crept back, so you are already ahead of the game. Try eating 3-4 apples per day for snacks. I like the sweet yet tangy flavor and the crunch has psychological benefits. Try looking at cost per calorie when buying M&Ms or cookies. Most of the time the cost per calorie makes the price of gas look like a savings plan. When I go for fast food I get the $1 menu for McD's double hamburger (no cheese), GRILLED chicken entre or a $1 side salad with a light/fat free dressing.
Bon, we all make a few bad eating choices, me more than most, but if you can just do a couple of things regularly it can work.

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FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
1/3/13 1:31 P

Great Bon that you are here. I start my day with 1/2 cup oatmeal cooked and 2 egg whites. This is very low in calories and sets me up for the day. I just cook the egg whites separately and then once cooked just mix them in my oatmeal. Maybe not the greatest taste, but it works and I am used to it now.

Also, you should be eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day never going more than 2-3 hours between meals. If I am just starving and can't stand it I grab banana or apple with peanut butter or plain greek yogurt and add a little jam to eat if I need it sweeter.

If you eat protein at all your meals that should help too. Also, I make a protein shake with vanilla protein powder, frozen banana, tbsp of peanut butter, and about 1/2 cup or less of non-fat milk or almond milk or coconut milk. This is absolutely delish and helps so much to get me through to dinner. Oh yeah mix all that in a blender.

Good luck on your journey! Stay focused on the prize!

Oh Bon and stay away from things like M&M's if you can. They won't help you get to your goal. Opt for something that will fill you up and NOT wanting more and more sugar!

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TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/3/13 1:15 P

Thanks for all the great advice Spark People!!! You guys are great!!!

TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/3/13 1:13 P

Hi Gaylep67: About 2 hours after I ate the yogurt and peanuts, I ate a cup of black eyed peas and cup of canned tomatoes with a few saltine crackers, and I wasn't hungry and also I slept really good last night, 9 hrs.!! Thank you for the support--

TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/3/13 1:02 P

Thank You Mexgal1: Great advice!!!

TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/3/13 1:01 P

Hi Lisa: Thank you for the advice, and last year I lost 30 pounds and that is how I done it, but unfortunately, I have gained 20 pounds back. You are right that is what worked for me then. And those empty calories I ate yesterday, is probably what caused me to be so hungry. Stupid me!! I can't knowingly do something I know isn't going to work, and think I am not going to be hungry!! Thank you for the support.

TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/3/13 12:55 P

Hi Mlan613: That's sounds like a good idea, but being new to message boards and sparkpeople, I don't know how to make my nutrition tracker public. Can you tell me how to do this? Thank you for the support and the help. I love the support and care that everybody gives on sparkpeople. I wish I would have knew about this way before now!!! Thank you again for all of your support and help--

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1/3/13 9:24 A

I eat 1200 a day just to maintain. I find that if I eat 4 egg whites scrambled with egg beaters and cook quick in micowave and eat with low carb tortilla and tomato for lunch everyday that my hunger stays in check. i believe it is the high protien and the fiber from the tomato.
You can do it!

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1/3/13 9:00 A

Eat some fruit it works for me


CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
1/3/13 8:46 A

some very valid suggestions and opinions have been voiced.

I do notice if I don't get a good balance of proteins and other nutrients, I have a tendency to be hungry, too - sometimes even into the next morning.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,439
1/3/13 7:56 A

Glad you were able to feel less hungry. Another suggestion I have would be to make your nutrition tracker public in the event you have future issues. Fellow SP members can take a look at it then and give suggestions on changes you can make.

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1/3/13 12:51 A

Hi there,

I looked over my food logs and each day I would rate my physical hunger level. I noticed something, when I ate a lot of protein fior breakfast, and ate a lot of fruits and veggies during the day, my hunger was lower than on days that I ate higher calories but less fruits and veggies. I eat at least 1 apple a day, and make sure to start the day with protein, it helps my hunger.

I hope that helps!

GAYLEP67 Posts: 757
1/3/13 12:36 A

Glad the peanuts and yogurt worked! Higher protein snacks will help curb the hunger you feel. Make the middle of your calorie range your goal (1200 seems a little low).


TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/2/13 9:20 P

Yes it does It seems like the peanuts and yogurt I ate has curb the hunger pains, Thank you for the advice, the only trouble with me and popcorn is I eat way too much of it-LOL

TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/2/13 8:47 P

You know maybe it is, and thank you for this, Maybe I am being too strict with myself. I just ate my peanuts and yogurt so I think I will shoot for maybe a low cal and low carb mini meal about two hours before I go to bed tonight. Thank you for your response and your support.

SHARONSOWN Posts: 1,746
1/2/13 8:43 P

It takes some time to get used to a lower calorie routine! For me, the late evening go-to snack is air-popped popcorn, which I spray with a little cooking spray and experiment with different spices or grated parmesan.

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1/2/13 8:36 P

1200 is likely far too low. Do you really think you can handle eating that amount your entire weight loss journey? You should only be aiming to lose around 2 lbs/week. I'm 5'2 and lost 2 lbs a week eating 1400 cals.

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1/2/13 8:24 P

If you want o lose weight, you can't eat all that you want, and you have to feel hungry sometimes.
It is he law of nature; you cannot do what you have always done and expect get a different result.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,769
1/2/13 8:20 P

1200 is the MINIMUM you should be eating.
Why not shoot for the upper end of your range?

And yeah... two servings of chips and some M&Ms will NOT help with the hunger, but make it worse. Protein abates hunger, not sugar.

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
1/2/13 8:10 P

Is 1200 to low? Make sure to get enough, otherwise your body will rebel. I also have troubles with late evening hunger and it's not usually actual hunger. Hot tea is my go to, especially if it's cold and dark.

TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/2/13 7:36 P

I have done pretty good today so far but it is now 7:30 in the evening and cold and rainy and if I am at home and off of work, like I have been today, this is when I want to start eating. And not enough foods that fill me up is also probably some of the reason. 2 servings of chips and about 10 M & M candy pieces, So far I haven't blew it, I still have 300 or so calories left. Eating a light yogurt and some peanuts and drinking plenty of water, and going to take a hot shower later, I'm going to try and make it through this and get my body adjusted to eating just 1200 calories a day, instead of 2000, like I have been eating!!!

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