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8/21/13 5:43 P

Congratulations! That's a wonderful achievement. Good luck with the IVF, too!

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8/21/13 12:27 P


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8/20/13 8:00 P

I'm impressed. I haven't yet reached the point where I can just have one or two of a treat. You're doing great!

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8/19/13 2:12 P

WANNATHIN, that is what I call a huge success: Eating a treat, yet not over indulging on that treat! Plus the positive feeling that can envelop you, knowing that you have resisted, yet enjoyed!

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8/19/13 10:37 A


SO awesome! Keep up the good work. emoticon

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8/19/13 2:52 A

On Saturday, my sister-in-law came for coffee. My husband had bought us some Woolworths apricot crunchies, but I restricted myself to having only 1 and a half biscuits. I ate one and felt like I wanted another, so I bit off half and gave my husband the rest. I didn't even look at the biscuits again after that!

The next day, there were still some biscuits left, but I'd reached a total loss of 13.2kg, so I celebrated with a biscuit with my morning coffee (yes, biscuits in the morning....). BUT the point is that out of a packet of 22 biscuits, I ate 2 and a half over 2 days!

Normally, I would've wolf'd down at least half the bag and not even thought about it!! I'm so much more conscious of what and how much I'm eating. I looked at the nutritional content and worked out that each biscuit contained about 60cals. I just thought that it's not worth it to add those unnecessary calories into my day, considering I'd just have to work that much harder at the gym to burn those calories on top of the fat calories I'm trying to shed.

I am really so proud that I could say no to those biscuits and to so many other things I used to indulge in. I'm also really focussing on when I'm feeling satisfied at meal times, so I haven't over-eaten or felt stuffed in two months!!!!

I have another 7.4kg to lose before I reach my IVF goal weight and I'm absolutely sure I'll get there by the deadline, if I just maintain my awareness of what I'm eating and my portions, and keep working so very hard at the gym! Feeling really good!!!

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