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I-BLUU Posts: 4
1/24/12 1:05 P

Well, I took your advice and started doing Zumba and waist shrunk a lot! (Even though I still have the pouch). My weight has changed a teeny bit (lost 2 lbs), but I'm not as concerned with it as before. My fitness is improving as well - I can run a steady mile a lot easier than before -- less stops for walks. And my metabolism is doing well.

I guess I didn't realize just how SLOOOW it can be. Last time I lost like 5 pounds in a week (most likely by not eating enough), and my metabolism shut down on me after that. So I guess I shouldn't expect too much by next month, but I'll still keep up the efforts.

COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
1/17/12 6:24 P

First, fasting is not going to help - it will actually cause you more harm than good, especially ot your health overall. Second, what you are seeing is more than likely regular weight fluctuation. There is no way that you gained 3 pounds in one day unless you ate 10,500 calories in addition to what your body's needs are. Like I said - not likely that you did that. People usually fluctuate about 5 pounds each day (depending on the time of day, when they last ate or drank, when they last went to the bathroom, etc).

Find some physical activities and exercises that you want and like to do. When you find things that you like to do, you are more likely to continue with it over time, which will help you not only lose weight, but maintain your weight loss. It sounds like you are not giving your body enough time to do what it needs to do. Weight loss does take time, but a lot of people don't allow it the proper time because we want to see it come off right away. Our bodies just don't work that way - just as people didn't gain all their weight overnight, the weight doesn't come off overnight.

If you are going to weigh yourself, try doing so no more than once a week. That will give you a better idea of your weight rather than the daily fluctuations. Also, take measurements, notice how your fitness is improving, and all the small things that perhaps you couldn't do before, but can do now. Weight is just a small part of the picture, don't let the scale get you down - it honestly doesn't tell you the full story. Additionally, make sure you are reaching your nutrition goals. If you are not eating enough, that can hinder your progress just as much as eating too much (sometimes worse because you slow your metabolism a great deal when you don't eat enough for your body's needs).

Please take some time to review the 3 Teen Guides listed on your start page. Those have a lot of helpful/valuable information to help you reach your goals in a healthy way.

Coach Denise

I-BLUU Posts: 4
1/15/12 11:07 P

I'm definitely not. My arms have been flabby since I don't know when. But yeah I will continue running :)

OCEAN96113 Posts: 15
1/15/12 9:15 P

You could be gaining muscle. You should definitely keep running. Run more and more each day because it will literally melt fat off.

I-BLUU Posts: 4
1/15/12 5:47 P

Hi. I'm 5'3, 166 lbs, 34/32/40.

When I took hold of my weight loss at first, I lost ten pounds. Then nothing happened for a LONG time, and I eventually stopped. In just a few days, I gained 6 pounds back. I'm extremely discouraged. Everyone keeps talking about Zumba like it's so amazing, but I've done it and I barely sweat (even doing Cardio Party!). I did the 30 day shred and finally got to level 2 but quit, and now I don't want to go back to level 1 again. I've also started running a bit each day...but nothing is helping! I literally gained 3 pounds in one day!
I'm thinking about just fasting and calling it a day :l

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