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2/21/13 1:24 P

I have found that snacking on a some high protein snacks like almonds and cashews in the afternoon keeps my cravings away before dinner. Those late afternoon snacks used to be my nemesis, like cheese and crackers and chips and salsa. I follow the snack of nuts with a tall glass of water or some tea and my hunger subsides.

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2/21/13 1:09 P

The hunger may pass after a while. I changed the way I was eating back in mid-December and spent most of January really hungry, really often. But now I'm not, I feel much more normal (and I'm still eating well and losing weight). If you've been eating very large meals, as I think is the case for many overweight people (it was for me), it will take some time for your stomach and your hormones to adjust to a decrease in the amount of food that's going in at one time. Unless you have some urgent need to lose a lot of weight right now, I think you're probably best off taking it a little easy and giving yourself a break.

This is only me, but I did things like this:
Before -- get hungry or blood-sugar-crashy when it's not meal time, snack on a whole lot of cereal or have a muffin. Total calorie intake at least 500 for the between-meal period.
Now -- get hungry or blood-sugar-crashy, have a boiled egg or half a peanut-butter sandwich or a small bowl of high-fiber cereal with milk, or a big bowl of salad with a little dressing, or whatever. Possibly have to repeat the same an hour or two later, possibly not. Regardless, total calorie intake for the between meal period is more in the range of 2-300 calories at most, significantly less than before. Remember that any significant decrease in intake is likely to see you losing weight, and you can always adjust to be more strict later if you need to.

Like I said, I did put up with a lot of hunger for a while and was prepared to put up with more. But part of the experience of living better and losing weight for me has also been to recognize that when I was young and thin, I was hungry a lot too -- between meals at school, for instance. Hunger within reason can be normal and should be kept somewhat in perspective.

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2/21/13 6:44 A

One more thing that I don't think anyone else mentioned. It might help to know exactly what was on that meal plan you were following. Too many carbs and not enough protein is a sure fire way to leave yourself feeling hungry. This was a hard part for me because I was one of those that craved pasta, rice, bread, and didn't used to eat much meat. Make sure you are getting protein packed snacks. One protein bar will make you feel much fuller than 3 donuts. Just an example - not saying that you're eating donuts lol!

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2/21/13 6:28 A

congratulations on your job!
there are a lot of great articles and resources on this site to help you.
good luck!

edit to add: sorry your grandmother isn't too supportive (there are threads on how to eat healthy on a budget, family members not be supportive, so maybe those can give you some ideas.)
I am pretty picky too. There are lots of healthy things (turkey bacon, wheat bread, beans, skim milk) that I don't like. (maybe check out some threads on picky kids eaters for some suggestions.) I just work around things I like and try to find the best option for me.

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2/20/13 5:25 P

Update: I got a job today! So I went out and bought a mess of food so I think I'll be ok

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2/20/13 1:34 P

Well I wrote a blog about my grandmother it's not a very supportive household and instead of helping they scrutinize what I'm doing basically and now I feel picked on.
I don't know how much I was eating because one day I'd eat a lot and then I'd flip out and not eat very much the next day and I would do that for a while because I'm scared of gaining more weight. (like petrified)
I said kind of about following the meal plan because I took one and I changed it for what I had here and kind of made my own plan of sorts. Also, I'm a very picky eater I don't like most things so I have to find staples.
Trying new food makes me nervous and I kind of act like a child and I can't even get it into my mouth. I'm trying to tackle a lot of things at this point like getting myself to actually try something new and not flip out about having to put it in my mouth. My anxiety wins sometimes even if the worst that will happen is that I don't like it.

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
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2/20/13 10:02 A

have you talked to your grandma about you wanting to eat better? maybe she would be willing to help you eat better. maybe if she was frying chicken or potatoes, she would be willing to bake yours? (or let you fix it yourself)

i am not really sure what to tell you about the lack of money. if you don't have funds coming in, then there is no money to go out. maybe your grandma would be willing to buy a few fruits and veggies for you. if you were eating less of the high calorie foods, she would be saving money on those. if she made mac and cheese-you could a add a few servings of frozen veggies to a smaller portion.

how many calories were you eating to maintain your current weight? how many are you trying to eat now? it could be way less now. if you started exercising, that could be making you hungry too.

it is hard to change everything overnight. start with a few small things you can stick with. hang in there!

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
2/20/13 9:22 A

You absolutely need to eat if you're as hungry as that! However...ARE you "hungry"? I can't tell you how long it took me to realize that appetite is *not* hunger. Hunger (for me) is when I want to eat, and any suggestion I make to put food in my mouth is readily accepted. If I get a whiney little, "oh, I don't want that, I want..." then it's not truly hunger.

You say your grandmother buys high fat and high calorie foods that you feel you should abstain from. Your grandmother has some wisdom there. Fats are what create satiety. The high cal, I can't remark upon. I don't count calories. See if you can eat some moderate amounts of your grandmother's high fat foods...or snack on a hardboiled egg or some bacon. If you need to decrease your time between "feedings," see if you can make it on snacks instead of meals for a little while (not a permanent arrangement!).

Overall, you need to give your body and metabolism the time to adapt to a nutritional plan that's alien to it. You've never asked it to function in this manner. It will take a little time. But listen to your body, and don't make it a sufferance. You won't be able to stick with it if you are fighting yourself all the time, and that leads to binges and depression.

It's a process in progress for all of us. Hang in there, we're all on our versions of your journey. You'll make it. You're not alone!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,271
2/20/13 8:55 A

Well. If you're really hungry, you need to eat something. I don't know what "plan" you're trying to follow; it may very well be that it's just too large a drop in calories, from what you're used to eating. Have you filled out all your info here on Spark, to get a calorie range? Tracking what you normally eat for a few days just to see what you're used to, and then dropping it by 50 or 100 calories a day for several days at a go, til you can get it down to the appropriate range-- well it will probably leave you feeling less hungry.

This isn't a "diet", it's a lifestyle change. We're aiming for a way of eating that we can follow for the rest of our lives. Depriving ourselves and going around feeling like we're starving, can lead to an eat-a-rama out of frustration. Better to have a snack of say, some peanut butter on apple slices, than half a bag of chips.

2/20/13 6:13 A

Rice is something cheap and easy to cook in pinch. Add some veggies and a meat and you have a filling meal.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (247,370)
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2/20/13 4:43 A

When I dropped just 250-450 calories per day, I ended up suffering big time with nausea (even woke me during the night), light-headedness and strong hunger pains (also woke me at night!) I had to go back up and gradually work down again in small increments of about 50 calories to allow my body to get used to the changes.

Apart form anything else, if your stomach is growling, that is a cue to eat - so feed it. Plan healthy snacks into your day. I usually have between 3-5 snacks in a day - I allow for them in my meal planning. Ensure that you are getting enough protein in your diet because that will help with satiety. Also, make sure that you get enough fat because that does the same thing. (I had to force myself to eat more fat because it was waaaay to little.) Just make sure that you don't overdo it - it is higher calorie per gram - and that the fat is a healthy fat.

If you have financial issues, then perhaps not using the SP meal plan would be best. Many of us don't use it - I don't - partly because I am in New Zealand and the seasons are totally opposite - partly because some of the foods on the plan we haven't heard of and don't get here, and partly because I like to have full control over my nutrition taking into account my needs (allergies, intolerances, likes and dislikes)

If you eat meat, then reducing the amount of that you eat whilst increasing lentils, split peas, and bean will not only lighten your grocery bill considerably, but will also help with increased fibre and replace protein and other nutrients. When you have the money buy veges on special and bulk cook along with any meat bought on special. Make nutritious casseroles/soups etc. and freeze in individual meal serves. It also saves power/gas that way, too. Buying frozen veges is also often cheaper than fresh, and is also often just as good or better than fresh from a store because it has been snap-frozen very soon after picking. The 'fresh' veges often aren't that fresh and once picked start to loose some of their nutritional goodness.

Good luck.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/20/13 4:24 A

"Think of your stomach growling as the fat saying "goodbye". "

I'm sorry, but that's not very good advice. Down that path lead disordered approaches to food and healthy eating.

If you're hungry, then your body needs more food (if you're truly "hungry"). For whatever reason, that meal plan was not sufficient for you.

I would caution you to think carefully about which advice you follow - what seems healthful and reasonable and what seems unhealthy. Not everyone is an expert with a great and healthful idea for you to follow.

CNGMYBX SparkPoints: (9,308)
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2/20/13 12:53 A

Think of your stomach growling as the fat saying "goodbye".

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (78,595)
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2/20/13 12:42 A

I try to have either a yogurt, low calorie soup or a salad before my meal. I feel it's a healthy alternative to overeating during my meal. I just started and so far, so good. I really like kale and I can get a huge bag of kale for $3.00. Maybe trying something like that would help and not be very expensive.

CATIEBABY45 SparkPoints: (3,767)
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2/19/13 11:49 P

I literally just started this like 2 days ago I think I'm on day three which is why I think I'm feeling hungry.
I'm not craving anything in particular I wouldn't say I'm dying to eat I'm just hungry.
I'm taking iron pills
I can't take vitamins they make me SUPER sick as strange as that might sound I've tried taking them twice and I ended up very sick.
I'm gonna stick it out and see if I figure stuff out. I'm out of a job and I have like 300 dollars in the bank and I can't spend all that on food for a month so I'm stuck eating what's in my house most of the time. Unfortunately my grandmother buys high fat high calorie high everything food so I have to figure it out. I did buy some fruits but I'm afraid someone else will eat it before I get to it... (no I can't claim food as mine they call me selfish for it)
I think I'll be ok I think I'm just feeling the normal things because I'm used to eating a lot more

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
2/19/13 10:48 P

If you're starving, you've got to eat. If you go over your calories today, just try to eat at the lower to mid range tomorrow.

What are you craving? If it's sweets, have a piece of fruit or a bowl of cereal. If it's salty, eat some peanut butter or a small portion of popcorn. Aim for under 200 calories and think of things that will satisfy your cravings and feel full.

It's almost at the end of the day.

BED0FR0SES Posts: 420
2/19/13 10:44 P

Make sure you're getting enough water- shoot for at least 8 cups. The body signals for thirst and hunger are similiar, so you could actually be dehydrated. Drink a large cup of water, and see if you're still painfully hungry. If you are, the other poster was spot-on with a high protein snack. If I find myself hungry at the end of the day, I'll make an egg-white omelet [cheese and whatever veggies i have on hand], or just put one cooked egg white on wheat bread with a little cheese or tastes filling and it'll add less than 200 calories to your day.

I agree that you shouldn't use a meal plan that you can't afford to follow...I'd recommend looking on sparkrecipes or another website/cookbook for cheap meals that are also healthy.

I'm also anemic, I take vitamins every day because otherwise I become lightheaded and lethargic.

In the beginning, I did get some hunger pangs. If you're accustomed to overeating, it will take your stomach time to adjust to eating proper portions. Just listen to your body, if you feel like you're going to be sick if you don't eat, then eat. If you just feel a little hungry and are probably just missing dessert, have some fruit or something.

Healthy living is a process, so go at the pace you feel is best for you. :)

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/19/13 10:29 P

You should eat.

Preferably something protein or fat high in content so that it fills you up a little.

You probably should not be following an eating plan that leaves you feeling starving. It doesn't seem to suit you.

CATIEBABY45 SparkPoints: (3,767)
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2/19/13 10:20 P

I followed a meal plan today (kind of) I'm broke so I can't afford their special foods. Anyway I'm so hungry my stomach is angry.
I can't eat anymore as I'm almost all the way to the top of my calorie margin thing...
What are good tips so that I'm not starving AND did anyone else start off and end up starving?
Also, I'm anemic I'm not sure how intelligent this is at present. Any thoughts?

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