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BETZYGIRL Posts: 2,162
11/29/10 8:00 P

Good evening, All. Glad to hear, Marilyn, that you had a safe trip back and a good time. It was a pretty good weekend. Enjoyed having my youngest home for the weekend. He had friends over and even with the baking I managed to only eat 2 cookies and one 1.5x2" piece of cake.
I'm not sure, but I think my family has decided to encourage my lifestyle change - they told me I could have a slice of the cake I baked this weekend for my birthday today emoticon . Actually I think they just didn't want to bake:)
I did have a victory today. My friend I walk with told me she won't be able to walk before Wed., and I talked myself into going to the community center alone to walk. 2 miles in 41 minutes. That's the best I've done so far. I had to quit because my hip was aching - I had a treatment this morning cause it was out, so figured when it started aching it was time to quit walking. So it's been a GREAT day so far.
Wishing you all a really blessed day tomorrow. emoticon emoticon

AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/29/10 7:28 P

Good evening Ladies! Just a quick post to say hello - we got home from Texas just a few minutes ago and I'm TIRED!! We had a wonderful week but stayed way too busy seeing everyone - I'm ready to relax!! AND get back on track with my walking - I was too busy having fun to walk as much as I should have. Talk to y'all tomorrow!! Marilyn in GA

ELSEEBEE Posts: 4,410
11/28/10 7:18 P

I'm glad TG is over, too. I love the holidays, but it's hard to stay on track with all the visiting and eating going on. Tomorrow it's back on track- control those portions and exercise, exercise, exercise!

GETUP-N-GOGIRL Posts: 8,854
11/28/10 6:43 P

Betty C---I mean, Darkstar!

Hand over those measuring spoons and step AWAY from the kitchen, girl! LOL

No, seriously, if you can bake and -not- indulge (much), then you have my respect! I know I can't do it... regretfully.

Keep up those walks!

DARKSTAR8 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/28/10 6:33 P

Well, I'm glad the Day is over but to my chagrin I have discovered that I love to bake! I swore it would never happen to me but the spirit of Betty Crocker has invaded my body and I'm turning out pies and cookies like---well, like one possessed! Family and friends are benefiting but I've got to be careful about tasting everything. I'm adding to my walks to compensate!
And I agree, menopause is a booger!

11/28/10 5:13 P

i too, am glad TG is over. i ate too many things i should not have. i'm cheryl from WV, 52 yrs old and needing some encouragement along the way. going through the horrible menopause. and i say horrible for me: hot flashes, migraines and weight gain. have lost 9 lbs and still have 15 more to lose just to get back to where i was in 2008.

GOALHUNTER SparkPoints: (0)
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11/28/10 3:40 P

Thanksgiving is done and I am thankful. I will not again accept 3 dinner invitations for 3 different days. It is just too much when trying to control diet. Each had favorites that I never make at home anymore. Back at it with a vengeance tomorrow.


GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
11/28/10 9:07 A

After having lost over 50 pounds in the last two years, plus another 20 before that, my entire wardrobe had to be replaced. Even undies and pajamas are too big. When I go into a clothing store now I actually enjoy it. I remember having tears in my eyes when trying on clothes for a special occasion in the past.

GOALHUNTER SparkPoints: (0)
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11/27/10 10:41 P

1 more Tgiving meal tomorrow. It will seem good to have it all over after that. I have done pretty well the first 2. Hope I can keep it going tomorrow!

SMERTZ SparkPoints: (112,982)
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11/27/10 5:49 P

I did well today. I when shopping for baby shower gifts for my niece. Of course I had to buy me some clothes. I love being able to shop in the normal misses section. Such good deals, I could not pass them up.

BETZYGIRL Posts: 2,162
11/26/10 11:03 P

Hi, All,
I did well yesterday. Started out good today. I weighed in and had lost 1 lb. this week. I am now 6 lbs. away from my goal for Christmas.
But then the afternoon came:( Had to work for a couple hours (I had taken this week off, but since I'm church secretary I needed to go in & do the bulletin.) Went to my mom's to return a dish intending to run in & run out. Famous Last Words! Two hours later I hurried to the store & got home about 3 minutes to 6. So instead of cooking the turkey pot pie I intended to make, no. 3 son called no. 1 son and had him pick up pizza for supper. I stayed within calories, but carbs & fat were a little high - and I don't EVEN want to talk about the sodium:(
But still - I lost a pound this week so I'm happy. Have a great weekend everyone

ELSEEBEE Posts: 4,410
11/26/10 9:45 P

I did very well with Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Then I spent the day sightseeing with DH, DD, and SUK. Came home tired and hungry, got out the left-overs and -yikes! Once they go home Sunday I will have to get back on track!!!!

GOALHUNTER SparkPoints: (0)
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11/26/10 12:24 P

24 degrees and light wind at noon. That means the activity points will be a lot harder to come by. I can't take the wind & cold to walk outside. I was good yesterday at a great meal. Will try to be that good again today at another good one.


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SMERTZ SparkPoints: (112,982)
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11/26/10 11:00 A

I had a great dinner with a friends family since my DH is working out of state. It was very enjoyable plus it helped me stay closer to my daily calorie goal since I did not want to look like a hog. emoticon

GOALHUNTER SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 4,784
11/25/10 10:26 A

Having dinner with DD#6 family today.DD#4 tomorrow and my only sons family on Sunday. If I stay on program thru all of this it will be a miracle. I will declare a miracle if I just maintain this week!!


GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
11/25/10 9:58 A

I set my alarm clock for 4 AM and put the turkey in the oven. I had it in the unheated entry porch and I am happy I did not wait until later since it was only 3 degrees at 7:30 when I got up. I would have been frozen and I would have had to wait for it to thaw out. I put the dressing in a crockpot and will go peel potatoes when I am done on the computer and get in a little exercise. My grandson had volunteered to cook the turkey on the grill, but I talked him out of it.

BUTTERFLY4411 Posts: 3,525
11/24/10 11:41 P

Everyone has such neat plans going on tomorrow, thats great, I hope everyone has a good day, has a lovely time with family and friends and I wish you a lovely holiday and God Bless you all my new friends!

BETZYGIRL Posts: 2,162
11/24/10 10:22 P

Hi, Everyone! Sounds like everyone is ready one way or another for Thanksgiving.

I spent today with my MN sister & my mom doing pre-prep for mom's dinner tomorrow. It is SO great to see my sister again. Before she moved to MN to re-marry (she was a widow) we had only lived about 8 miles apart, so I really miss her. We went out to a Mom & Pop restaurant before we started the day, but I planned ahead what to eat and only had 419 calories:)

Then took mom shopping & back to her & my step-dad's home to start working on tomorrow's foods. I had yogurt for lunch then a hot dog & baked lays for supper.

Right now my house smells s-o-o-o good. One of tomorrow's turkeys is in my oven & my honey is starting the ham. We are expecting somewhere between 40 and 60 for dinner tomorrow.

In the morning I will make mashed potatoes, bake 2 pumpkin pies and 6 doz hot rolls. I hope after smelling all that it won't be quite as desireable (like when I waitressed when I was in high school.)

Anyway, I will be checking in with the group tomorrow evening as I relax at the end of a long, fun day. I love seeing my family, but get tense after 2 or 3 hours of a lot of commotion so the family dinners are sometimes tiring for me.

Well, here I am - getting all wordy again! Have a blessed day everyone:)

GETUP-N-GOGIRL Posts: 8,854
11/24/10 6:56 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Hi ya'll!

This will be my first Thanksgiving without anybody else (other than my DH) in many years. This is the year that they (DS & D-I-L) decided to go to her mom's. I can totally understand---they came here for so long... Still, I'm going to miss not waiting for the "company" to arrive!

So our menu is: turkey breast in the crockpot, along with mashed potatoes and gravy. And... a must have... Pumpkin Pound Cake! I bake it for the delicious aroma as much as I do the taste. I'll be wrapping up big pieces and giving it away. Can't afford to eat it all or I'd look like this:

No, no, no! Can't have that!

Also, it's time for Round 2 of my new Chair Boxing video tomorrow. Round 1 went really well; however, as unused to exercise as I have become, my muscles were a bit sore for two days afterward!

Someone else on here asked for a recommendation of more exercise DVDs... I might try to find a Richard Simmon's "Dancing With the Oldies." Sounds fun!

Take care, everyone, and I'll jump on here tomorrow to see what's going on.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

DARKSTAR8 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/24/10 5:32 P

I was hoping to skip the whole thing, but my husband came home with a turkey (fully cooked), a box of Stovetop, and jellied cranberry sauce. Hint, hint? Not the best choices for sure, but since he tried I will make it as healthy as possible, substitute where necessary, and feed the boy! It's just us, anyway. Happy T Day to all! By the way, I envy the snow. We are still in shorts and flip-flops here!

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GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
11/24/10 4:46 P

Thanksgiving dinner will be at my house. That means I will have lots of leftovers. My plan is to package them up and send them along with my family when they go home. Right now it is snowing hard so I am not sure how many will make it but I will cook it just the same. I plan on walking on the treadmill early in the day and again after everyone leaves if I have the energy. I will have some lower calorie options available.

SMERTZ SparkPoints: (112,982)
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11/24/10 4:10 P

I am planning on exercising tomorrow morning before going to dinner. But I am not going to diet, I am just going eat in moderation. I know I will go over my calorie limit....but that is what holidays are for. I will be back on track on Friday. Then it may be a shop til I drop day. emoticon

GOALHUNTER SparkPoints: (0)
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11/24/10 1:02 P

I have been invited to dinners 3 days of the 4 day weekend. Hope I can maintain this week if not lose!!

Everyone have a good day.

AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/24/10 11:51 A

Good morning Ladies! Well, to make up for last nights meal I walked 5.86 miles this morning! When I'm at home I walk further than that but for vacation its not bad! Stay strong! Marilyn

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11/24/10 8:50 A


JOHNSONE4 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/24/10 8:11 A

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you. You are right about not being on tomorrow, and that means no work out either. My workout will be cooking. I sure hope I can keep the weight off over the next few days.

BUTTERFLY4411 Posts: 3,525
11/24/10 7:52 A

I doubt many people will be on here tomorrow, I live alone and have no family in state, so its just another day for me, but I don't mind, get use to it after a bit, but anyway wanted to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving and if you travel be safe and hope you enjoy it with family. God Bless!

DPDAVIS Posts: 3,548
11/23/10 9:54 P


AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/23/10 9:22 P

Good evening Friends! Well, I didn't do quite as well in my dinner choices tonight - we went out to Texas Roadhouse with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and I ate too much. I ordered chicken fried chicken and a baked sweet potato with green beans. Not the best choice to begin with (i.e. FRIED) but it was WAY too big! I ate about 2/3rds of the chicken; half would have been better. So I need to work on this for sure!! Hope everyone is having a great day!! Marilyn

BUTTERFLY4411 Posts: 3,525
11/23/10 5:31 P

Ooh Pumpkin bread sounds good, I think you should be able to save some of it and just eat it in moderation, that sounds good, I'm doing a diet so I'm going to stick with it. Since no one is coming, my family is in Iowa and Az so they are too far to come in this weather, we are due for a blizzard tomorrow, so Thanksgiving might be hard for some other people's family to get here. I don't know if anyone will be on but want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and a safe journey if your traveling!

GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
11/23/10 2:19 P

The sun is out in northern Minnesota and it is not snowing, at least for today. I turned on the Wii and Walk It Out and walked for 75 minutes. I have tracked all my calories and I will go to TOPS this afternoon. I also took my multi-vitamin, Vitamin D3, E and fish oil supplement. I am not sure if they are doing me any good but I feel great and they may be helping.

GETUP-N-GOGIRL Posts: 8,854
11/23/10 12:43 P

Congrats Marilyn on your healthy choices while on the road! Enjoy your shopping and lunch with your sister! We look forward to your posts when you have time! emoticon

BetzyGirl, thanks for the welcome! So... we're sort of "neighbors," huh?! What's a mere 100 miles or so?! emoticon

Butterfly4411, this will be an unusually quieter Thanksgiving day for us too. My son, D-I-L, and step-grandson have other plans this year--and my other step-sons do as well. I'm still going to make some pumpkin bread (and then give the majority of it away). Plus, I'll probably put a turkey breast in the crockpot. I'm pretty sure DH will watch whatever football games are on TV. emoticon

MetsMom32, welcome aboard! Sounds like you're doing well, but as we all know, maintaining our weight can be just as big a struggle as losing. emoticon

Elseebee, good advice! good advice! You said everything in moderation. That's a great mantra to keep in mind while some of us are around all that bountiful food! Oh, and you also mentioned taking a walk after eating. More good advice! emoticon

GailRUU, where are you?! (Rhymes!) Good deal that you go to Curves! I used to work at a Curves for eight years. Great fitness place! emoticon

Onlineasllou, enjoyed reading your story (how you've handled your health issues). As I firmly believe, it's just as hard to maintain weight as it is to lose it. An ongoing, daily process. But with support, we can do it much more easily! emoticon

Hope I haven't left anyone out. (So sorry if I did!) But look at our little group already! Looks like we're all positive and ready to be "Serious About Getting Fit!" (Our thread title)


METSMOM32 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/23/10 10:11 A

well, haven't been doing my log in of calories for a little while. But while I am visiting my family in Georgia, I am back on track and I think I can get through Thanksgiving.... I have maintained my weight so I am ok their, but I will do fine. I hope you all on spark people will have a happy and healthy holiday. Thanks for listening. emoticon

AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/23/10 10:04 A

Good morning Spark Friends! Just checking by to say hello from Texas - trying to be good!! I am staying with my sister and we are getting to go shopping and to lunch - thinking of you will keep me on track! Don't have time to read posts just now - but wanted to let you know I am thinking of you!! I did good on the 16 hour trip from Georgia to here - we usually eat way too much junk food but did much better this time - took apples and bananas for snacks and watched the calories on the other food. Gotta run - stay strong!! Marilyn

BUTTERFLY4411 Posts: 3,525
11/23/10 12:28 A

I dont' have family coming for Thanksgiving, they live too far away, so I'm not celebrating with a big meal, not even a turkey dinner, so I should be ok food wise, I am doing a certain diet, so hopefully by friday it should show a loss.

I live alone and unless kids come home, there is just me or my friend downstairs who I invite up, but he's going to his kids I believe the night before. So I can do my diet and stay on track, I hope you all have a good turkey day and take care, have a good night! So glad we have a team here, and its sounds like a positive one!

BETZYGIRL Posts: 2,162
11/22/10 9:58 P

Been trying to get here ALL DAY!:) I'm glad I decided to take this week off work & get my "storage closet" bedroom straightened up, cause I didn't get anything done in there:( but did do quite a bit with my hubby:)

Welcome to all the ones who have joined us so far! It's emoticon to already have so many positive people on this thread!

Today I managed to get some ST in -this one is hard for my short,chubby body that hasn't exercised since my mean gym teacher forced me to emoticon . (He really was mean, but he made me so mad I would keep on if it was killing me.)

Quick Notes (if I can be quick): For Marilyn - my name is Betty but I am going by Betzygirl on SP because that was the name my late "daddy" called me - can you tell I was a daddy's girl? Thanks for asking about my husband. He had heart bypass when he was 43 (in 1992) & my third son was 4 months. He has had 3 heart attacks since then, the last one 2 years ago. He's doing ok right now, but just not as strong as he would like to be.

I think Friday is a good day to be accountable to each other - I don't care whether we tell weight or loss. Accountability is exactly what I need!

SusyinKC - Welcome! I loved your intro blog. I live about 100 miles south of you! But, sorry, you were fashionably late to the party:) And about that "chairboxing"? sounds like a kick to me!

For the rest of you: emoticon and we are all here to encourage you to it. Everyone have a really great Thanksgiving - and remember that Portion Control is a great way to strengthen our Self-Control:)

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GETUP-N-GOGIRL Posts: 8,854
11/22/10 8:58 P

Just read this online about drinking two cups of water before meals to help with weight loss:


Not new info to most of us, but it's nice to see that research confirms it.

ELSEEBEE Posts: 4,410
11/22/10 7:13 P

It's so great to have found all of you- my sisters in this journey to good health! This is a difficult week for many of us because there will be a lot of tempting foods on the Thanksgiving table, but please remember to do everything in moderation. Even is you don;t have time to go to the gym on Thursday, a good walk around the neighborhood with family/friends will make you feel great.

Have a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
11/22/10 5:06 P

I have been to Curves this morning, tracked all my food so far and plan on using the Wii later this afternoon. I donated blood before I came home and need some time to recuperate.

GETUP-N-GOGIRL Posts: 8,854
11/22/10 11:00 A

Okay, here I am! Let the party begin! LOL
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Just kidding! I'm just still feeling really happy from my birthday party yesterday. Had a small dinner at home with my family!

I'm Susy from Kansas City, Missouri. Just turned 55. In addition to starting to lose my hearing just a little bit (is this happening to anybody else?), I'm also starting to have mobility issues due to my ankle. I have a brace that I'm SUPPOSED to wear more than I do. Sh-hhh! Don't tell my orthopedist doc!

I loved how I felt when I'd go walking, but now it's not worth the pain that even walking causes. So... I am going to start trying out some seated chair exercises. In fact, I just got a DVD yesterday that's called Chair Aerobics for Everyone: Chair Boxing! I'm going to try it out today!

It's really great to find this thread!
Welcome to all of us, and thank you, Marilyn, for starting it!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
11/22/10 8:59 A

My solution to keeping track is to add everyone to my Spark Friends. I am already inspired!

BUTTERFLY4411 Posts: 3,525
11/22/10 5:52 A

This sounds great, I'm probably older than all of you and have health related problems due to weight. Right now I"m fighting very high bp and they give me lasix for the edema, and then the bp goes up they give me more lasix but its like a merry go round, and I can't seem to lose weight for months this has been going on. I would like to join, are we going to continue to post here or start a team? let me know so I wont' lose you girls and I'm ready, I need alot of help. I have a very long way to go and I'm not getting there fast at all, too many health problems are getting in my way.

By the way my name is Vee from central South Dakota, and I'm ready to join you, if I may?

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
Posts: 4,787
11/21/10 11:49 P

Hi, everyone.

My story is that I got serious about eating healthy and getting fit 5 years ago when I became pre-diabetic. I lost 40 pounds in about 9 months. Then I started having trouble with hypothyroidism (that still hasn't completely stabililzed) ... and then ... I broke my ankle.

Gradually, between the illness and the injury, I gained back 35 pounds. After feeling sorry for myself and miserable for too long, I finally got serious about diet and exercise again a couple of months ago.

I'd be happy to participate in this thread and wish you (us) all the best of luck.


GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
11/21/10 7:48 P

Now, this sounds like a great thread! My goal weight is 145 and I am nearly there. My highest weight was 220. I lost about 20 pounds from that and then stayed around 200 for several years. Two years ago I joined TOPS and then last year became active on Spark and have slowly lost about 15 more pounds but the last few are stubbornly hanging around. I don't want to lose ground and gain weight over the holidays. I would love to lose 3 more pounds but would settle for maintaining rather than gaining.

ELSEEBEE Posts: 4,410
11/21/10 7:40 P

I left some info about me on the "old" thread, but I'm so glad to see this one! My first year on Spark I lost 35 pounds, but I seem to be "stuck" around 165 now. I was a couple of pounds lower,but I think the recent gain is muscle coming and some fat going. My clothes fit the same, but I've upped my ST recently to more exercises and heavier weights. My message therapist says he sees a lot more muscle than he used to on my back, shoulders and arms. My doctor is thrilled and said to quit thinking about the weight, to just continue keeping fit and getting healthier. I'm looking for some ladies like this group seems to be for support and a place to exchange ideas about how to deal with the challenges of our age (I'm 63). I enjoy other Spark boards, but, frankly, hearing a 23 year old complaining that she can't get below a size 6 is not my idea of a good use of my time!

AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/21/10 4:33 P

Sandy, welcome!! I know JUST what you mean - I got down to 155 then went back up to 167 and so far have only gotten back to 159.2 (and was 159.4 again this Friday.) I just don't want to GAIN - I'm hoping to lose more, but if I stay at this weight I can live with it. I truly think SparkPeople (and our friends here) can help us achieve that goal!! We can DO this! And GREAT work losing all that weight on your own - awesome!!

AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/21/10 4:27 P

Betzy, (is it Betty or Betzy?) welcome to our positive thread! We can do this - and like you, the price (and not having to travel) fits my budget!! Since I am traveling from Georgia to Texas tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with both my family and my husband's family I may not be online every day this week. But I pledge I WILL be when I'm not traveling, and I'm packing my walking shoes!

I retired 3 years ago, my husband retired 2 years ago, and we are loving retirement. I feel this is OUR time - and we are going to make it a GOOD time, right? I'm sorry about your husband's illness - is he better now? So far my Phil is quite healthy, but he and I both know we need to work to STAY healthy!!

My weigh-in day is Friday - shall we all plan to report our weight (or just our loss) on Friday? Accountability - its such a good thing!! I'm a firm believer in teams - Together Everyone Achieves More!!! We can do this!!

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SMERTZ SparkPoints: (112,982)
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11/21/10 4:18 P

Weight loss has always been a struggle for me. I don't ever remember weighing less than 145 pounds.

My story: I am a weight loss yo-yo. I loose and gain and gain more and loose and gain. Last year reality hit. OMG I weighed 262 pounds on the MD scale. So I started my weight loss adventure last November. It was slow at first ((holidays) but by Jan 2010 I was down to 258 and rejoined SP. I am excited to be down to the 180's but honestly am scared to death I will gain it back. So I need support to continue and maintain my momentum.

BETZYGIRL Posts: 2,162
11/21/10 3:35 P

I love the idea and thanks for taking the steps to start this new thread! I've been planning for a week on what to eat at Thanksgiving so I don't get too far off track.

My story is that like many women I let having kids & a busy life distract me from paying attention to my weight! A few years ago I joined WW and lost around 25 pounds, but my husband had a heart attack and it just got too hard to keep that up [my excuse to me anyway:(] so I quit WW. Of course the weight plus more came right back on.

That's why I was excited to learn about SparkPeople! The "price" fit my budget emoticon and the accountability to others fits my emotional needs. I also LIKE getting the awards & goodies emoticon .

What I really am looking forward to though is this: emoticon ! I look forward to developing new friendships here and supporting each other.

Again, emoticon , Marilyn for taking on the challenge of getting this new positive thread going for us. You're emoticon . Betty, MO

AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
11/21/10 12:35 P

Thanksgiving comes on Thursday and before we know it we will be entering 2011! My story is that I lost about 35 pounds a couple of years ago and since then my weight has been kind of up and down from 160 - but I'm having a real struggle getting (and STAYING!) to my desired weight (which is somewhere between 150 and 155).

Will you join me in creating a support group of women over 50 (over 60 in my case) who help each other in this struggle? Marilyn in GA

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