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I would suggest basically the same healthy meals for you and your children for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You children should not need to eat differently than you. There should not be "your" foods and the child's food. When the children go down for a nap in the afternoon- - have a 150 calorie planned snack as you relax, unwind, listen to music, read a book/magazine, etc. Don't keep "tempting" foods in the house. You don't want them there and your children really don't need them either.

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You could make up some baggies of portioned, easy to grab healthy snacks...grapes, carrots, trail mix (watch portion), apple slices, pepper strips, etc. for when you are just grabbing anything. Make the healthy stuff the easist choice. Also, (And I know this is hard for picky eaters) why is eating what the kids are eating bad for you? Maybe change their meals a bit so simply eating what they do won't be an issue for you and you'll still be on track. It will be good for them too. :-)

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So I've been trying to drop baby weight after my second for almost 2 years now and I'm having the most difficult time! I have tried diet and programs and cleanses and I just can't stick to them for too long. I'm a Stay at home mom and my kids keep me busy (4 and 20 month). My problem is stress eating! I start each day great but by lunch time I'm eating whatever I can grab cause I'm stressed what kids eat and snack...inevitably binge! Then I feel bad, try to be good but once they are in bed I'm back to eating everything and binging again! I know all about eating well and right etc but I just fail each day! I feel out of control. I don't even know how to approach my problem anymore! Any suggestions, tips, advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Stressed out mom

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