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ROSEMARDORF Posts: 2,648
11/30/11 4:01 P

Hello, and welcome!! Sparks is great!! I am not new; but I may as well be. I just started posting on the over 50 boards. I am sixty..

SABLENESS Posts: 6,106
11/27/11 10:04 P

Hi and welcome! You're doing great, and you're in the right place for lots of support!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 24,172
11/25/11 5:17 P

I'm east... but in town a lot for events.

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11/25/11 2:59 P

Thanks for the welcome LuAnn. You are in PA? Me too...north of Pittsburgh

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 24,172
11/25/11 2:58 P

Hello and welcome!

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11/25/11 2:53 P

A message board with so many members is a bit overwhelming!! We'll see if I can navigate.

My story: I was always the skinniest kid at school (lucky I know), but I continue to see myself that way until I catch a glimpse of what 5-10# a year did to me after so many years. Shocking!

Anyways...I have between 60 and 70# to lose. I've lost 24# since the beginning of September. I've never been succesful in weight loss before - I alway became felt deprived and would quit in a few days. I decided to try hypnotism and it seems to have helped a lot.

So far SparksPeople has helped with some good recipes. I don't have a lot of time - I worked full time as an RN in a convent :). I'm 57 y/o. I would like to have some buddies in this process.


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