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You have started being motivated already! You found Spark, you signed up, and you posted on a message board! Pretty good progress so far!

I started Spark early in this month. I found it helpful to spend some time each day getting to know the website and setting up some of my goals, etc. I was doing some exercise for rehab from bilateral hip replacement surgery, so I started tracking fitness first. I didn't start tracking my food until this last week. So I have "layered" in the activities so it doesn't seem like so much to get a grip on at one time. I have found that there are many people on the site who have been members for years and are still active. They inspire me to commit to this as a long term lifestyle change. Like you, I am at the point in life where it is time for ME to be a priority! We have the power to change the next years of our lives! If you can't jump into Spark like a cannonball then at least dip your toes in and ease yourself into it. Come every day. Spin the wheel. Read some blogs and articles. Before you know it, you will be accumulating goals and learning techniques and making small changes to your life that you can live with and maintain!

You are worth it!

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8/18/12 7:13 P

Negativity doesn't help. Don't think about the past--it's over. Start fresh. I didn't think I could do it, but I did. Here are my best tips. Don't expect perfection. It takes time and patience. If you slip it's okay as long as you keep moving forward. Choose a well balanced diet that's easy to follow. Use the Spark Points page because it offers motivation and information. The trackers seem time consuming at first but are invaluable for seeing your progress--more motivation. Organize your kitchen, batch cook, and have healthy food in the fridge and pantry that's quick to prepare. I've been doing this for years and keep finding new ways to make the process easier. Find recipes you like and put them in a notebook so you don't waste time wondering what to make. Plan exercise--something that you like to do. If you think you don't have time, do a time study by writing down the time and everything you do for a couple of days. You'll find ways to fit it all in. You can reach the winners line as many others have. Just don't quit!

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8/18/12 7:04 P

I have a great deal of respect for this man's ideas. If you find you do, too, there are lots of articles/blogs around by him. Inspiration comes from others; motivation can only come from within yourself, really.

I would suggest ignoring "the winner's line," in favor of small goals you can control completely--things you DO, not things that might or might not happen. Thus, "I will eat 3 servings of fruit or veg every day" is a more useful goal than "I will lose 4 pounds this month," because you control what you eat, but not (and how sad it is!) what your body does at any given moment.

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I have tried everything and nothing has worked for me. Am I so afraid of failure that I won't put forth the effort it takes to get to the winners line????

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