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Welcome to the site! As long as you are tracking your exercise in the fitness tracker, you'll get a calorie range that takes that (as well as your weight loss goal) into account.

Coach Jen

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8/29/13 5:19 P

Thankyou for your help. I did everything and this site is saying I need to burn 840 calories a week. Guess ill be ok because I am burning 619 three times a week at the gym. Thanks

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If you enter your information into your Spark account, they will do the math for you. It would completely depend on how many calories you're eating to determine how much you would need to burn calories through exercise to reach your goal. Most people base how many calories they eat on how much they burn through exercise.

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Hi there. My name is Sheryl and I am in Australia. I have started loosing weight since April this year and are extremely happy with my results. I have lost a total of 60cm and 21 kg so far. I have done this through eating healthier and more food. I was in starvation mode before. I have also joined a gym and travel 100km a session to attend but it is worth it. I am going three times a week. I am wanting to know how many calories I should be burning a day to continue to loose weight at a rate of 1kg a week.
I am 49 yrs old, 140 kg now Thanks.

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