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JIBBIE49 Posts: 68,521
6/27/14 1:15 A

I hope you didn't quit. Let me know how you are doing.

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
7/1/13 11:31 A

emoticon Hope you're still enjoying SP. emoticon

CHERIONE Posts: 1,008
8/23/12 9:23 P

Welcome! I used to be an evening binger until I started eating a good breakfast, tracking my food and making sure I got a minimum of 8 glasses of water during the day. If I want something at night, ill make a cup of herbal tea. Works for me!

SASHA-222 SparkPoints: (55,891)
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8/23/12 9:01 P

Hello and best wishes

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 23,395
8/23/12 12:06 P

Hello and welcome!

AMWIDEBROOK SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2
8/23/12 12:06 P

Thank you, I will keep that in mind.

RAVINOO SparkPoints: (31,664)
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8/23/12 11:59 A

Welcome to a place where you can find all kinds of support and recipes for success!

LADYJNAR SparkPoints: (28,932)
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8/23/12 10:12 A

emoticon You've come to the right place! Every little step you take towards a healthy lifestyle helps! emoticon

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8/23/12 9:48 A

I've been making excuses now for quite a while and at 65 I think it's time to stop making excuses. I need to lose at least 75 pounds and hope by logging my daily food and reading from people on here I can stay on track. My biggest problem is evening binging I feel the need to have something to munch....

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