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12/9/11 1:16 P

Hi, Reuben ! Do you find yourself traveling a lot for work ? If you find yourself on the road, there are ways to eat healthier at fast food places. There is a book you should look at. It's called EAT THIS, NOT THAT. it's a book filled with hundreds of meals from different fast food places. There are ways to make better choices when eating out. Just making some simple substitutions could save you a lot of excess calories. Most people don't realize how high calorie some choices can be. The book helps a person make better choices when eating out.

Also, if you find yourself on the run, how about tossing a couple of granola bars or fruit into your bag ? Try to keep some healthy snacks on hand for times when you can't have a sit down meal. You can beat fruit for being the perfect portable snack.

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Eating on the run is tough. Can I just say I don't buy the I don't have time part though? We most often do find time for what we consider essential, and then important to us. All of us are busy and lead active lives. That is the state of the society we live in.

Finding time to eat healthy needs to be moved up on our priority list is we are going to have a successful healthy lifestyle journey. Here's a few ways i've changed my life so that I can eat healthy on the run:

1. I keep an excel spreadsheet on my computer for my grocery list and the first column is the location of the item I need in the store - like dairy, bread isle, canned goods etc. I also have a column for what the food item is for if it belongs to a specific recipe. I can sort the list by location, print it off, and then zip through the store because I'm not looking for anything or back tracking to some other part of the store because I forgot something. I'm also cutting out impulse buying since I try to stay focused on what is on the list.

2. I often grill a huge batch of chicken on the weekends and package it up for meals during the week, part of which can go in the freezer.

3. I keep things that travel well in my purse like apples, fiber bars, baggies of trail mix, etc.

4. I used to keep a stock of items at my office in my overhead bin and in my drawer so that if I was in a rush I had things that I could eat for lunch already there.

5. I keep a small cooler in my pantry that I can load up if I'm going to be out of the house all day.

These things might now work for you, but what I hope it does is give you some ideas that you can spring board off of to create your own workable list.

Best wishes for successful healthy eating! PS...I do eat out but I'm cautious and review menu options on websites or phone apps before I order. Make the best choice you can in the moment you are there.

12/8/11 9:09 P

I have done good since have started this, but I keep eating on the run. It seem that I never have a lot of time to eat so I pick up easy stuff; which means I eat a lot of junk. I need to figure out how to break that habit. Total pissed at myself.

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