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Also, if you list your activity level as 'active' it will give you a higher calorie range.

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I am going to suggest that you re-post this on the Diet/Nutrition message boards which are monitored by our dietary experts. They would be in the best position as to helping you with this question. If you do not get a response in the next day or two, let me know.


Coach Nancy

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When I started at Sparkpeople I weighed 166. I'm a male, 6' tall. I didn't want to lose any weight. I had a kidney transplant 9 years ago. I wanted to make sure I was eating enough and the right kind of food. Sparkpeople recommends eating around 1800 calories for my BMR. I do that but I consistently burn 400, sometimes much more, calories than that. Today I weigh 157.5. I feel good and my blood tests are fine. But should I alter my calories for how much I burn every day or stay at the 1800?

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