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1/30/12 5:11 P

I also having a hard time entering a recipe because I cannot find a way to put in such things as baking powder, etc. Recipe not complete without those ingredients that make it workable.

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1/24/12 1:56 P

A lot of the items in our database come from the USDA database, so the options listed are all that are there. If you have the item with you though, it may help you to enter that info manually for yourself so that way you have it set up easier for your tracking purposes. In the recipe calculator there is a link to manually enter a food that isn't listed.

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1/21/12 12:34 P

I'm trying to enter a salsa recipe, where it calls for cans of things. On My Fitness Pal I can just find canned olives, etc., but on here it's hard bcuz it's in different measurements and I have to look up online how many ounces are in a can and then sometimes convert it to tablespoons. Does anyone else have this problem?

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