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8/22/12 11:09 A

You can estimate, though it'll be tough to be 100% accurate. That's okay. :) There's likely not enoughu calories in these things to worry overmuch.

Figure out the calorie content of the mixture first. You can enter it in into the recipe calculator. You should already know the calorie count of cucumbers.

Add the cucumbers. Let them do their thing. Next, remove the cucumbers, and measure the remaining mixture.

The difference should be the amount the cucumbers have soaked up. Voila! There's your calorie count for the actual cucumbers.

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8/22/12 10:36 A

So I my mother and I make these pickles/cucumber things and I don't have a clue how to count the calories. The juice is equal parts water, sugar, and apple cider vinegar. Then I slice up a cucumber (about 1/8" thick) and add it to the juice. But the thing is that the majority of the calories are in the juice and not in the cucumbers. How do I know how many calories has soaked into the cucumbers? The are wonderful to eat on salads and sandwiches or just on their own.

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