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MIGHTYN1 Posts: 74
4/10/14 10:52 A

Hi I'm also doing ww, I did it also a long time ago too - but so much has changed. Basically you eat right, watch those portions & excersize. Don't forget water!!
God only knows if I'll continue with my meetings but I gotta try something. Good luck!

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4/10/14 8:57 A

Hi Chuck, welcome "home". I'm doing the new WW "simply filling" program. I use Spark as my "meeting place" instead of going to meetings. The points on Points+ have changed from the old Points program. Most importantly is that Points+ doesn't assign points for most fruits and veggies. There are a few WW Teams here if you care to join them. I too have the "old" points books and I still use them as even on the Simply filling plan you do get 7 points per day that you count (used for those things like a dessert) so I'm pretty conscious of those and keep track of them.

4/8/14 10:18 P

Welcome back we are glad to hear from you. I do not do WW. I know you will find someone that will help you. You can do it.

CHUCK66 Posts: 4
4/8/14 9:04 P

Hi y'all. I'm back again and I've decided to try to do WW on my own. I have a really old points finder so I'm using that instead of points+. I don't want to spend any extra money by going to classes or joining online. Is anybody here doing the new points+ system and if so, is there a way to use SparkPeople to help with this? Thanks much for any replies.

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