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SparkPeople has a 8 week Diabetic Weight Loss challenge group that you may want to consider joining so that you can chat with others who may be going or have gone through similar issues. See link below.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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1/16/13 9:09 A

"How do I limit my portions enough to lose weight without feeling hungry? "

Weigh/measure everything.
Track all that you eat.

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1/16/13 8:51 A

Are you weighing and measuring the food you eat, or trying to eyeball it?

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Hey SparkPeople:
I'm a frustrated diabetic who's having a hard time eating fewer carbs and fats every day. I do well drinking enough water and getting enough protein,, but I always over-do it on carb and fat grams. How do I limit my portions enough to lose weight without feeling hungry? I'm having a hard time tracking the correct serving sizes on the nutrition tracker too. Does anybody have any factual or motivational advice? emoticon

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