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MELANIEM714 SparkPoints: (300)
Fitness Minutes: (219)
Posts: 6
6/26/13 1:04 P

Everyone on this message board feel free to add me, I'm still trying to figure out how to add people from my phone :)

I wish everyone luck! Remember that thousands of people have met their goals, why not us! We are capable we just gotta want it :)

BILL60 Posts: 473,521
6/25/13 8:46 A

Welcome to SP. I wish you the very best on your journey.

JMORRIS85 SparkPoints: (64,080)
Fitness Minutes: (43,238)
Posts: 4,977
6/25/13 6:34 A

Hi Cocosmommy, and welcome to Spark People!!! We are all in this together, and we will support and encourage each other to success!! emoticon

6/25/13 12:58 A

I am looking for friends to help keep me motivated as well. When life hands you lemons make lemonade. :) Always better to have friends to help you along the way.

JMORRIS85 SparkPoints: (64,080)
Fitness Minutes: (43,238)
Posts: 4,977
6/24/13 6:28 P

Hi Casey, and welcome to Spark People!! The best way to get lots of support is by joining some of the great support teams that are available on here. There are so many different ones that you are sure to find at least one to meet your needs. If you look under the orange Community tab at the top of the page, you will see a link to Spark Teams. emoticon

POLLYYYZ SparkPoints: (944)
Fitness Minutes: (395)
Posts: 5
6/24/13 10:09 A

I'm sorry to hear that. What do you mean when you say that you feel that you aren't getting anywhere?

CASEYCAN SparkPoints: (1,470)
Fitness Minutes: (699)
Posts: 17
6/24/13 10:00 A

Count me in! I need some friends myself. I feel alone on my journey and am not getting anywhere. I am hoping advice and support from others will help me too.

POLLYYYZ SparkPoints: (944)
Fitness Minutes: (395)
Posts: 5
6/24/13 9:12 A

Hey there, I'm definitely on board to keep you motivated. Leading a healthy lifestyle is not easy even for those who have been doing it for a while. My name's Polly. Hit me up anytime. I've just joined sparkpeople as well and could also use some motivation.

RASPBERRY56 SparkPoints: (93,254)
Fitness Minutes: (34,424)
Posts: 5,598
6/24/13 7:31 A


JMORRIS85 SparkPoints: (64,080)
Fitness Minutes: (43,238)
Posts: 4,977
6/24/13 6:39 A

Hi Tabitha, and welcome to Spark People!!! Congratulations on completing your masters degree!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

STSAGNER2011 SparkPoints: (120)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 9
6/23/13 11:16 P

I am new too and would love to be friended or be able to friend people on here to help stay motivated as well as be there for others! I am 26 and just getting done with my masters degree and my husband and I would like to start trying to start a family so I would love to be healthier! I'd love to be active in this site, I need to learn more about this and meet people! Contact me! Tabitha

IVETTETORRES1 SparkPoints: (94)
Fitness Minutes: (180)
Posts: 2
6/23/13 10:19 P

I am willing to be your friend. I need motivation everyday. that is the spirit.

RML_LAWLER SparkPoints: (4,139)
Fitness Minutes: (1,850)
Posts: 32
6/23/13 4:05 P

Hello and welcome! Definitely get involved in some spark teams. They have so many helpful resources and challenges.

I'm looking for spark friends as well! feel free to add me!

MELANIEM714 SparkPoints: (300)
Fitness Minutes: (219)
Posts: 6
6/23/13 2:04 A

Thank you all so very much for the detailed info! It's extremely helpful and I'll be taking part in a few spark teams as well. :D

MPLSKEN SparkPoints: (156,627)
Fitness Minutes: (66,062)
Posts: 7,007
6/22/13 9:38 P

There are so many great resources here! I recommend starting with the nutrition/food tracker because that is the key element in weight loss for most people. Tracking, even for just a week without modifications can shed a lot of light on your nutritional intake and can help pinpoint where changes should be made. And, as others mentioned, finding a SparkTeam or two that are good fits for you and your goals can help a lot. I still find something new here almost every day. By tracking everything since May 2011 and using the other features here to keep myself focused, I lost 90 pounds and have maintained that loss for almost a year now. It takes a little bit of time, but it is sooooo worth it!

LIVINHEALTHY9 SparkPoints: (210,832)
Fitness Minutes: (161,364)
Posts: 12,653
6/22/13 9:04 P

Hello and Welcome!
SP has everything you need to be a healthier you. Members are really supportive and knowledgeable.
One of the best ways to stay accountable is to be active on your Spark teams.

Best of luck to you!

JMORRIS85 SparkPoints: (64,080)
Fitness Minutes: (43,238)
Posts: 4,977
6/22/13 7:51 P

Hi Melanie, and welcome to Spark People!!! The best way to get support is to join some of the great teams on here. There is a support group for every condition and interest. You are sure to find at least one to meet your needs. Feel free to friend me if you like. I wish you much success!!! emoticon

MELANIEM714 SparkPoints: (300)
Fitness Minutes: (219)
Posts: 6
6/22/13 7:21 P

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some online spark buddies to help keep me motivated while i try to better my life. I'm friendly and I'll do my best to be just as motivational! emoticon

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