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1/31/14 10:24 A

Hello and Welcome to Sparkpeople! emoticon emoticon

Sparkpeople is full of information, support, motivation, encouragement, and inspiration to help you through your journey!! emoticon emoticon

I wish you luck in your journey! emoticon emoticon

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1/31/14 10:20 A

Thank you for the tips! I have been running off and on for about a year and a half. I have run about 7 races ranging from 5ks to a half marathon and I have done a trail race. I want to become a more competitive runner in the 5k and 10k races with maybe one or two half marathons a year. A long term goal is to run a full marathon! I always end up finding excuses to skip runs and never stick to a training plan or consistent runs for more than a week, then I get frustrated and quit until my next race. I am getting tired of this pattern and need advice on how to stay consistent and find the fun in running again.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 69,900
1/31/14 10:04 A

That is a great goal. I was always slim when I was young as I was 5'4" and about 114#. Just do this for you. emoticon

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1/31/14 9:57 A

Good luck! I’m a beginning runner and hoping to do my first 5k in September. Maybe the best way to stick to your training plan would be to find a running partner or sign up for a race? emoticon

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1/31/14 9:34 A

I'm new to SparkPeople in the last week. My goal is to lose about 10 lbs and then maintain that weight loss. I want to try to lose this weight by summer! I also want to try to eliminate as much gluten as I can to clear my skin and reduce the amount of junk food/bready food I eat. I also want to start running more and become more competitive in my running. It is hard for me to stay on schedule with my running because I have a very busy schedule during the week. Any motivation/suggestions/ideas are welcome!

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