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Posts: 211
1/20/13 6:11 P

For the day I feel like my old self again!

Posts: 8,023
1/11/13 4:25 P

Neat! Glad you got your Pedometer sooner than expected!!! I still haven't gotten the check I'm waiting for. *sigh* Oh, well. It'll get here when it gets here.

Posts: 1,753
1/11/13 4:24 P

the week-end

Posts: 621
1/11/13 2:35 P

My friend's daughter was accepted into our local public school of the arts middle school. She's such a sweet girl. So happy for her!

SparkPoints: (18,232)
Fitness Minutes: (15,283)
Posts: 169
1/11/13 2:09 P

I'm excited for my best friend's wedding in May! We just got my bridesmaids dress ordered on Wednesday, and I am so excited to wear it.

Posts: 28
1/11/13 1:36 P

Yeah it came, and I'm already using the Pedometer I bought online monday morning. Yeah for no delay!

Posts: 164
1/10/13 2:17 P

I am excited to see where I am am in my journey in the summer. Cant wait to walk outside in nice warm air by the beach.

SparkPoints: (11,251)
Fitness Minutes: (800)
Posts: 354
1/10/13 2:14 P

getting back on SP!

Posts: 28
1/10/13 1:57 P

aquazumba, is that doing zumba in a pool?

SparkPoints: (23,832)
Fitness Minutes: (155)
Posts: 468
1/10/13 1:37 P

I am excited for..... to get my own microsoft tablet or a laptop mine died so I am having to borrow my daughters till I can save and get one of those.

I am learning a great deal about patience.

SparkPoints: (6,064)
Fitness Minutes: (7,028)
Posts: 163
1/10/13 1:32 P

Congrats. Im think im looking forward to aquazumba at my school. Doesnt start for another week though.

Posts: 28
1/10/13 1:15 P

True, though I've never been the type that likes to wait. Like a kid on Christmas eve.

Posts: 8,023
1/10/13 12:59 P

I'm sure you'll do okay in the meantime. Sometimes waiting is half the fun!

Posts: 28
1/10/13 12:50 P

Thank you Glitterfairy,

Although I'm a little disappointed, because I've been told its on back order and is going to be delayed until Monday. Oh well at least its been ordered.

SparkPoints: (90,512)
Fitness Minutes: (69,155)
Posts: 2,848
1/10/13 7:49 A

The challenges I have planned for myself in this year -- more Ironman races etc.

Posts: 2,667
1/10/13 7:45 A

just before Christmas, I ordered a new food processor online, and I was so excited when it arrived (after Christmas, but that is OK).

Also, a surprise t-shirt for my hubby arrived just before Christmas, and he was delighted with it

Posts: 8,023
1/10/13 7:16 A

Congrats on the new pedometer!
I will be getting a Total Gym sometime in the near future. I didn't get any birthday or Christmas gifts, so this is in lieu of that, and it's what I really really want.

Posts: 7,634
1/10/13 6:07 A

For a new day and feeling great!

Posts: 28
1/10/13 2:48 A

I know it might seem really dumb to be excited about an object, but I just bought a Pedometer from target, and it's going to be coming in Jan. 11th, I spent the extra money to have it shipped over night.

What in your life is coming up that you can't wait for?

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