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6/14/13 9:36 P

I'm with AZULVIOLETA6. I never found Zumba to be particularly challenging, and for me, not very fun. I prefer boot camp style workouts, honestly, but that's just a personal preference. It's normal, and okay, if you find that a workout that challenged you before no longer does. You may need to either find a way to turn up the intensity for yourself, or you may need to move on to a more advanced exercise.

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6/14/13 9:25 P

That sounds normal to me.

I don't find that Zumba is a very complete workout, even in the most intense classes. You may need to add some strength training or other cardio for a more complete workout plan. 2-3 Zumba or other dance classes per week is my limit. Also, Zumba is fairly high-impact, so you might want to alternate it with more low-impact exercises like swimming.

NFLATTE Posts: 9,424
6/14/13 9:25 P

I go to several zumba classes with different instructors. I find that some instructors will give you variations for some of the routines~ low/no impact, higher intensity for more of a cardio workout~ You might ask your instructor for some tips, but I agree with several of the comments that say as you become more fit, some routines may seem easier, so you feel like you're not working as hard...

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,342
6/14/13 7:40 P

Congrats on getting your body stronger and fitter. Don't give up on zumba, if not only for the fun!! Way to go!

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
6/11/13 10:43 A

I agree, you are getting fitter. You are doing a great job. And as mentioned, different instructors provide a different level of intensity. I do mostly high impact, one of my fellow instructors is medium impact. Just depends on who it is. Plus I will tell you, if your instructor is having an off day, the workout is not as energetic as it usually is (I speak from experience). Congrats on getting fitter! that's awesome!

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6/11/13 9:41 A

Keep doing your Zumba classes! That's actually a great sign that you're getting fitter. If you're concerned that you're not working hard enough, take up a second activity for cross training, like running, swimming, or Spin class. The new activity will keep your body from getting TOO comfortable and will help you build on to your fitness.

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6/11/13 6:11 A

Yes, it's completely normal to get fitter as you continue to work out regularly.

Your heart and lungs get better at delivering energy to your muscles, and your muscles themselves get more efficient. So your heart doesn't have to work nearly as hard to do the same amount of work as it used to.

Keep up the great work!

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6/10/13 11:04 P

Yes, it is completely normal. Your body is adjusting and is getting more fit as your endurance grows. Great job!!! Keep up the great work!


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6/10/13 10:37 P

I like to try did Zunba instructors, because the intensity levels are different. Our class on Monday and Friday morning where I go is very intense. Keep enjoying the Zumba classes.

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6/10/13 9:12 P

Yes, as you get fitter, it will become impossible to get your heart rate high enough with certain activities.

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6/10/13 8:33 P

I started doing zumba about one month ago. I love it and go almost daily. At first, I was really tired while doing zumba, huffing and puffing. Now, I don't feel tired at all, I feel like I can go on for hours. Is this normal? My heart beat is also not as elevated now as it used to be when I started zumba. I am concerned that perhaps I'm not working hard enough, but I know I am really giving my all. Is this normal? Shouldn't my heart be racing doing cardio?

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