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I'm Changing the Way I Eat

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4/10/13 2:41 P

I love fish, but am VERY careful about what I buy since reading articles on how 80% of fish sold when tested for DNA shows it is NOT what it is labeled. Usually a CHEAPER fish is sold as the article says that almost all SNAPPER isn't really Snapper, etc. I make sure to buy NO fish that comes from China since they have so much polution there. I buy North Atlantic Cod from Sam's club as I've read that it is "clean" and the real thing. I've read that Scallops can be cheap whitefish, so I'm leary of them.

Posts: 20
4/10/13 9:59 A

Fish is so hard for me to work into my diet, mainly because I don't like it much. And I grew up with constant readily available seafood, so it's not that I never had exposure to it. Maybe TOO much exposure? heh

Variety helps, but I also find that a routine helps me stick to my plan. So, I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch, and switch it up for dinner.

Good luck!

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4/9/13 4:33 P

For the past month, I've introduced more fish in my diet. Fresh Cod, Salmon and Haddock is my focus for now. I did treat myself and my husband to the most delicate, mouth watering scallops. MM Good! The plan is to eventually look for heart healthy recipes so that overtime I will not get tired of eating the same thing.

I continue to find eating healthy a bit challenge in that I don't always have time to post on my food diary. I need to make the time. I just can't post once a day. I need to do this twice a day until I feel comfortable knowing the calorie content.

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