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2/21/12 8:25 A

I used to. Now I only check it out maybe once a week or less. When I lost alot of weight, I wasn't weighing in. I went to the store to buy some new jeans. I had to keep going back to get smaller pair of jeans. My jeans were size 18. The new pair was a size 14. Boy was I elated about the loss.

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2/15/12 10:42 A

Having OCD causes major issues about the scale. I have started keeping track of everything, so I do not fixate on one thing. Once a week I measure my each arm, each thigh, each calf, waist, hips, torso, chest, and weight. Forcing myself to deal with so many things gives me no time to focus on one thing, and when I do start fixating I remind myself of the other things.

HANDYV Posts: 24,951
2/14/12 2:10 A

Down with those darn scales. My worst enemy.

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2/13/12 8:45 P

I think it's good to let go of the scale. I used to get so discouraged when I was focusing on what I weighed every day. These days, I focus on how strong I feel and how full of energy, and it helps. I still weigh myself but I try not the let the results affect how I feel about my workout and healthy eating.

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2/12/12 10:41 A

That sounds like the right thing to do. I'm having the same trouble obsessing over the scale and trading the same five pounds week after week.

When you can release the hold the scale has over you and trust that your good choices will pay off, weighing in weekly will get easier. That's my hope anyway!

BJFOLKERSEN SparkPoints: (3,503)
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2/12/12 10:32 A

This is my problem. I can't stop weighing myself. I've been fluctuating between loosing 5lbs and gaining it back for the last month. Excercising every other day but not changing my eating habits. So, I joined 5 days ago, changed eating habits but still weighing everyday. I've decided today that I will not weigh myself again until next sunday. I need to take measurements but thats depressing too. So, I guess I'll suck it up and do that today. Its going to be hard not to weigh.

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