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Your situation sounds complicated enough that I believe you need an individual consultation with a nutritionist or dietician who specializes in the management of diabetes. Ask your doctor to refer you to such a person.

You say you had hypoglycemia due to "skipping." I don't quite understand what you meant by that. Did you skip a meal? Whatever diet is prescribed for you, you will need to be disciplined about following -- as you well know what happens when you don't and your sugars get out of control.

I wish you the best of luck as you work with your diabetes management team and develop a plan that will work for you.

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I had hypoglycemia due to skipping, and taking Metformin and diamicron in 2009. Still I have been suffering a lot. Doctor was late to withraw diabetic medicin. When medicine withdrawn sugar went high. Doctor could not give any medicine to lower sugar, Medicine harmed my adranal. I feel lot of symptoms. Only last year, my ENDO gave Lantus and Humalog to lower sugar. Sugar came under control, I was feeling better. Though not cured. I was feeling alwayes unhappy. But lantus was giving blood pressure high. I had to stopp it. Now am taking Levimir, and humalog. Still I am not successful in controling sugar Sugar remains between 9 to 13 but I do not feel well. Body does not accept carb. I used to eat brown rice. But I ate nupak brown brown rice erroneously one day . but it has high carb content, I was feeling fuzzy. Can any body suggest how could I feel better. Can anybody suggest me a meal plan.

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