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9/16/10 8:01 A

That's awesome! We each have to find what works for our own circumstances, and you certainly did that!
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9/15/10 12:01 P

I have found watching Twilight and doing steps while he laughs at me have worked today! i was so into the film i forgot what i was doing, i set it up for 30 mins on the Wii Fit and ended up doing 45!

QHAMOM Posts: 896
9/14/10 6:09 A

You can still get some exercise, even if it's not what you had planned. You can either push the baby in a jogging stroller or carry in a fabric baby carrier, walk around the block or even just across your home inside. You can lay on your bed and press the baby up and down like a chest-press, alternating with some leg raises and partial-crunches. He's have some fun mommy-time and you'd get your exercise. You can do it. You can make up your mind that you will exercise no matter what. The baby is part of your life and you can figure out a way to incorporate him into your fitness plan.

You might also want to see if there's a stroller-fit or mommy-baby type exercise class in your area. I never was one for classes as I like to do things on my own time, but I know a lot of moms in my area that do the stroller-fit classes and have had good results.

Best of luck to you this week. Keep your goals in mind and fight for a way to achieve them.

9/13/10 12:30 P

Well he's off tomorrow for the first time. I've scrapped planned exercise for this week so i can see how i feel coping on my own.

I'm so grateful for all the replies on here - it means a lot that everyone copes, no matter how hard things get!


9/13/10 4:05 A

my kids are older - but my husband has to travel frequently for work and i can relate to how difficult that can be. when my babies were little, i did a lot of mommy and baby play stuff. it sounds kinda silly, but most of my exercise came from walking with them, dancing with them, lifting them up and down (and up and down), etc, etc. bonus was that they would giggle like crazy and it was actually pretty fun bonding time :)

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9/12/10 5:59 P

My husband also works away most of the time--usually months at a wack.
At first I was not very motivated, but then enrolled the older children (6&8) into my exercise videos in the afternoon. Baby in the swing or play pen, and I stuck to the 10-15 minutes videos. Soon I found I could fit an extra video in the morning before the kids got up. It did not seem long before the weight came off. I changed my meals to add more veggies.

When he came home, I stopped exercising, went back to eating less veggies and put the weight back on.

This time: the kids are older, but much busier. I walk at night, and eat better lunches. For supper, I had extra veggies that I like, and eat less of the starchy veggies everyone else likes.

I needed to make changes that could incorporate the travels of my husband with out revamping everything.

So far so good....

QHAMOM Posts: 896
9/12/10 3:56 P

CANUCKMOMMA, Are you saying the YMCA is not an option because of money? If so, they usually offer discount rates for people with financial difficulties.

The nearest YMCA to me is a 20 minute drive so when I had a membership there, it was too far a drive to go in the early morning, and my kids get bored if I take them in the evenings, but I did go for a while when they were playing sports. That's one reason I love running - it's always wherever I am.

9/12/10 12:51 P

It's so nice to see other ladies/moms in the same position.

I'm a SAHM to a 2.5 yo girl whom I adore but she tires me out! My DH is away for 4 or 5 weeks at a time, home for 10 days and then repeat.. It's frustrating but she's getting easier and after a year of this I think I'm getting used to it finally.

Hopefully we won't be in this position over the next few months as DH is immigrating over here but in the meantime, I'm struggling with finding time to exercise on my own. $$ is very tight and going to the YMCA is just not an option. I try to resort to walking with her and when he is home, I take advantage of it and do extra...

I'll be coming back to this topic - thanks for posting!

GL all

J0ANNAJ Posts: 1,007
9/12/10 7:23 A

Hi my husband works away for chunks of time, this month he'll be home a week but between February and May in wasn't away at all and we've been doing this for years. I can't say I like it, even with older kids (I have three aged 15, 13 and 9) which is definitely easier than when they were tiny, but there are definitely pluses that I try to embrace while he is gone. For example, I get to do what I like in the evenings (embrace the chick flick), I can cook meals the kids want to eat and if I don't want that I can make something else which means that I find it easier to stick to my eating plan. I have learnt that exercise at home is a whole lot easier so I use the Leslie Sansone walking DVDs and then I don't worry about needing a babysitter.

Because I don't live in the same country as my family its easy to feel cut off from adult contact - don't do it. Make a point of asking friends over or asking for help - when my boys were little they needed rough and tumble and I enroled some other Dads to give them that. I find that I am much less likely to reach for the chocolate or just feel plain miserable because I'm missing him so much if I have other people around me.

Good luck to you all, it's not easy being separated but you can put strategies in place which make you a whole load more successful.

QHAMOM Posts: 896
9/5/10 6:10 A

My husband recently started travelling for work as well. I have 3 kids, but they're old enough now that I can actually manage well. When they were younger, it was more of a challenge, none of them liked to be in a stroller as an infant, so using the jogger to go running was not an option. I could take walks though, using a sling to carry a baby. At one point, I turned my garage into a "gym" with stretchy resistance bands that are very inexpensive. You can get a full body workout with the bands and even bring the baby with you. I was not as motivated after the third one, but with the first, as soon as baby nursed to sleep, I could have some time to myself.

It's not always easy when you have so many other things you have to do, but I eventually came to the point where I put myself first (after meeting needs of infants of course). I get up in the morning and get my exercise in before anyone else wakes up. Then I wake the kids, get them off to school, go to work, and whatever else either takes care of itself or can wait another day. Taking care of my health is first.

JMILS75 Posts: 57
9/4/10 9:15 P

Maybe we need to start a group...Moms with traveling husbands....LOL!

I'm new here too, and it seems like I have something in common with more people than I thought!

Hi, I live on the West side of Michigan with my seven year old daughter, and have a traveling husband. (wow, sounds like the opener to a twelve-step meeting). My husband and I have been together since 2002, our daughter was born in 2003, and we married in 2006. In 2007, work dried up here, so his union sent him to the East side of the state (about 3-3 1/2 hrs) for temporary work. Temporary work is 12 hour days, seven days a week, with every other sunday off. Except when he got transferred to Chicago, which was every third Sunday. Since my daughter was just going into Kindergarten, we had originally planned to move with him. Then he got laid off, and was sent to Chicago for a 7 month stretch. We saw him once during that time. Then he was back in the Thumb, where he still is, going on three years. On our 4th anniversary, we added up the time we've spent together....417 days out of the 1461 days we've been married.

No's tough. My daughter was 4 when he had to go. With no siblings, no family, and no one her age in the area to play with, she became a huge part of my life...probably to the point of it being unhealthy.
she and I spend 24 hours a day together, seven days a week. When she is in school, we're down to spending 17 hours a day together. It got to the point where I had no adult fact, hadn't spoken to an adult other than her teacher in months. I was seriously depressed and overloaded.
I'm working on getting out of "the pit," and back to my old self. Exercising has definitely been the hardest part. The first month, when the alarm clock went off to get up and exercise/shower/make breakfast/etc BEFORE waking her up, it was like "no way, zzzzzzz" The second month, I got out of bed and made coffee at least half the time when the alarm went off. I'm to the point of going, "dang, it's 2:30....time to make the donuts" and going to the garage and getting on the treadmill...hopefully by next month I'll be back to actually turning on the treadmill and using it LOL!
There's enough sleep deprivation and stress when you have a little one. My husband was gone well over a year, and my daughter was almost six before I could get my mental arms wrapped around what was actually going on in my life, and get my act together. Support is huge! Finding someone you can just outright gripe to, without feeling blame or guilt is REALLY important. And when stuff gets to be too much on YOU, remind your hubby that it's not his's the lousy governor who didn't sign a job-creation bill, or the College that doesn't offer satellite courses...whatever...but the stress will pile on enough without adding even the slightest hint of guilt or be aware!
And always remember how fortunate you are to have what you have. Even in your worst moments, there are others who have it worse. I always remind myself that I may be without him right now, but he is Stateside, in a non-military, non-combat job, where he can call on the phone and talk to his daughter every night, and I don't have to fear the MP knock on the door. And someday, we will be together again, a better, stronger family for the experience.

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8/18/10 9:27 P

We sound like we have a lot in common. I'm 25 and ALSO have a 4 month old son! And a 4 year old, too :-) My husband's been working away since July 2 and will be home "sometime" between next Wed and 5 weeks from then. He doesn't normally take road assignments but we needed the cash...

I've been having a hard time with exercise while he's been gone. My in-laws live close and babysit once a week so I can mow, which is good exercise but not what I had in mind :-) As soon as Zumba starts in our area (tbd, I'm on the mailing list) I have a sitter lined up for that. Other than that, I've had to rely on workout DVDs while hubby's gone..which I hate doing and am NOT motivated so kind of slack :(

I stay home with my kids, which is wonderful,but sometimes I wish I worked p/t so I could have a break and have some adult time -- so enjoy it even if it's hard!! Just try to keep positive about the exercise.

I've also found that while my husband's away, I can test out more new healthy foods. That way, if it's a bomb and tastes terrible, no one has to know about it other than me!! :-) And if it's great...then I have something to make and surprise him with when he gets back. I've had a lot of fun cooking and thinking up new, healthy foods.

8/18/10 3:51 P


It's nice just knowing i'm not going to be alone! I don't know how i'd cope with 3 kids, 1 seems hard enough at the moment cos he's teething. We were having 10-12 hours of unbroken sleep from him but now he's up every hour in pain poor man :(


MOMOF3KIDDOS34 Posts: 16
8/18/10 11:52 A

My husband is about to start being gone several days a week as well and I have 3 kids, including a 3 month old. I'm slightly terrified about being alone so much with them.

No help just wanted to say you aren't alone!

8/18/10 9:23 A

Hi all!

I'm now to this site (still haven't had time to watch the help video!) I'm Alex, i'm 25 and have a 4 month old son.

My husband is about to start a working masters degree and will be working 150 miles away Wed-Fri so will be away Tuesday night until Friday night.

I'm slightly worried about how i will cope as i'm due to go back to work a month after he starts work (only part time but still worried!)

Also i'm wondering how i will keep up my exercising (i'm no good at dieting - i like my food too much so have to exercise!) I'm currently doing dancercise Tue and Thurs nights, and horse riding 2 nights a week. Obviously with him being away at night i wont be able to do these and working 3 days a week i wont be able to do much walking then either :S

I really need to shift this weight :(


p.s. - sorry for the essay!!!

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