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3/23/11 12:52 P

My calves also hurt after power walking on the treadmill, even though i stretch.

KASSAY25 Posts: 3,218
3/23/11 9:11 A

tight calves means your working those muscles well!
Just make sure you stretch them out afterwards!

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3/22/11 12:55 P

I wanted to thank everyone again for all your suggestions. I have been stretching much more, even trying to do it threw out the day while at work and am very happy to say that my calves are finally starting to not feel like rocks while I am working out. I successfully did 30 mins on the elliptical the other night with no pain, but had some last night while doing taebo. I have not been able to get outside and walk yet due to all the spring snow we've got here in the Adirondack Mtns. But I will get there! Again thank you so much! It's great to k now there are caring people out there who are willing to lend a hand and who understand the frustrations! emoticon

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3/18/11 8:53 A

Thank you all so much for your input and suggestions! I will definately take it all into consideration and will stretch my calves threw out the day! Have a great day everyone!

GABBIEGIRL614 Posts: 290
3/17/11 8:01 P

Another thing you can do in zumba is to try to get your heels down as much as possible. Not when pivoting or turning, obviously, but I know my instructors do some more high intensity stuff with jumps and kicks (and some kind of dancy lunge, I don't know the official name) and they're always reminding us to get our heels down during those parts. It's made a difference for me. And yes, stretch! For me, the stretching part at the end of Zumba class isn't enough, so I do more stretches on my own right after.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
3/17/11 7:19 P

The point about high heels and calves is a good one.

Try a routine of regular stretching for your calves. A simple stretch for your calves is getting into the lunge position, keep your rear heel anchored on the ground, and lean forward.

Also, you may want to gradually get your calf muscles used to this by tackling some moderate incline/hills that don't cause you pain. As your calf muscles adapt, hopefully you can move to being more comfortable on steeper hills.


JESSY3035 Posts: 359
3/17/11 6:15 P

My calves were hurting and tight too when I would walk to the mailbox and to the dumpster. Where I live, the dumpster and the mailbox are up a slight hill. I have mild cerebral palsy so I used to get bad leg cramps which made my calves very tight and hurt.
After I started excercising 6 days a week, I noticed my claves aren't hurt and tight anymore when going to the mailbox and to the dumpster.

MOM2MBJ Posts: 51
3/17/11 4:12 P

That is good that your tight calves are not pulling on the tendons in your ankles. If you wear high heels a lot, your calves are not getting the full range of motion like they are when you are going up hills. Your foot is in the position opposite what it usually is in heels. Also, your calves could be fatigued from being in heels a lot (Zumba issue). Heels are pretty, but they are not good for the feet, legs, knees, etc. :0)

Good point by Archimedes!

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3/17/11 4:05 P

Are you doing any stretches after your workouts ? If not, I would start by making sure you have a good stretch after you exercise. Stretching will help decrease your risk of injury as a result of a tight muscle.

Also, what kind of shoes are you wearing ? Are you wearing old shoes or were you properly fitted for a proper pair of walking or workout shoes ? shoes that have lost their support can cause a number of different aches and pains. So, if you're wearing old shoes, that could be another cause.

Start with a good stretch and see how your legs feel. Stretching really does make a difference.

PS - saw your last post. Are you going from heels to sneakers when you walk or vise versa ? if so, that too would explain the pain depending on how high the heel is. Transitioning from a high to low or low to high heel places a lot of stress on the calf and achilles tendon. So, do make sure you're getting that good stretch.

On days you know you're going to walk, don't wear high heels during the day. wear lower heels, maybe even flats.

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3/17/11 4:04 P

Thank you for your reply. The tightness only happens when I go up hill or when I'm up on my toes more, like when I do Zumba. I do stretch and oddly I wear heels all day at work so I thought that would help it. I will look into the Orthodics also. I do not have any ankle pain with the tightness. My calves just get so tight they feel like rocks. It's kind of embarassing to be out walking with my friends and have to stop to massage my calves every 10 mins. But I will continue to work at it, it's been a very long time since I have worked out ritually and I am almost 100lbs heavier so I am sure that does not help. Again thank you for your help!

MOM2MBJ Posts: 51
3/17/11 3:45 P

I have trouble with my calves, also. Is it when you go down hills, up hills, or both? I have custom orthotics in my shoes, which helps, but I still have had issues with tight calves, particularly on hills. I lightly stretch them a couple of times a day; when I get out of the shower, as I lotion my legs, I gently massage my calves, working from top down. Are you on your toes a lot? When you do hills, shorten your stride going up and down, see if either has an effect. I have also heard that you should try to run/walk on a slight angle on hills instead of straight up and down. It may be that you do too much at one time, and maybe you need to work up to doing more hills. There are a lot of variables; change one thing at a time and see what works best. Have you had ankle pain with this?

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3/17/11 2:51 P

I dont know if others have experienced this or not, but when ever I work out or walk hills (on flat surfaces I'm fine), my calves tighten up so intensely and feel like rocks, hurting so badly that I sometimes can not work threw it and have to stop. I used to think that maybe I was dehydrated and needed more water in my system, however, I have been drinking at the very least 6 16.9 oz bottles of water a day for the past 3 weeks and it is still happening. Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!!! emoticon

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