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AYZERIA Posts: 128
12/26/12 10:06 P

Thank you everyone for your advice. I started walking a bit, not too much though. I am starting to feel better.

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
12/26/12 5:18 P

Do you have access to a pool?
Water exercises add resistance with no impact. I have 2 permanently injured discs in the lower lumber, just treading water or water jogging helps so much!

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12/20/12 11:10 P

Hi Ayzeria,
I've had fairly chronic back pain for about 8 or 9 years. At first I could not move without pain, but gradually it got better. My chiropractors gave me many stretches to do like laying on your back and pulling your knees to your chest (one at a time) and then knee to the opposite shoulder. I did lots of gentle yoga and hamstring stretches and stuff. If you can walk on level ground, that was also recommended to me. My chiropractor says the more you can move around without causing it pain, the better because the blood moving around will help heal the tear, rupture, or whatever is going on. A beginning mat pilates class is also a great option, but be sure to make sure it is really beginning. A hot water bottle was also recommended, and I still like to use one for 20 minutes or so when I go to bed if it is feeling stiff. I found the stair stepper machine in the gym can sometimes be too much for my back if it is inflamed, but usually taking it easy on the elliptical is a nice exercise. I hope some of that helps, but I think it really depends on what kind of injury you have and how bad it is. Whatever you do: if it hurts, give it a break! Pain is just a sign that it is getting aggravated and it won't heal by being aggravated. Good luck!

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12/20/12 1:01 P


Working out may be the reason your back is still bothering you. Did your doctor tell you it was okay to exercise ? Or did they tell you to lay off for a few weeks ?

I know you're worried about gaining weight, but as long as you are eating right and watching your portions, you will not gain weight because you can't exercise. When it comes to weight loss or even weight gain, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit.

What did your doctor tell you ? You should always start with their recommendations first. if they said don't exercise, then you need to stop for the amount of time it takes to let your back heal. Give your back muscles time to heal. Yes, that might mean laying off any exercise for 4-8 weeks. As long as you are watching what you eat, you will not gain.

Because you have to ask yourself this question,"do you want to take off 4-8 weeks from exercise to let your back heal now OR do you want to take 4-8 months off later to heal from surgery ?"

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12/19/12 7:01 P


Unfortunately this is outside the scope of advice for our experts and members to offer. My suggestion is to contact your doctor and see if he/she can make a referral to a physical therapist who can evaluate your situation and with clearance from your doctor, develop a program that will not exacerbate your back issue.

I wish you a very SPEEDY recovery!

Coach Nancy

AYZERIA Posts: 128
12/19/12 6:58 P

I hurt my back this last Sunday and I'm having problems working out. My doctor says it can take 4 - 8 weeks to heal! Well I don't want to just sit around the whole time. I need work outs that are easy on the back, especially lower back. I need some cardio, and some core workouts that won't strain my back. Please help. I had been doing pretty good for 3 weeks and now I have just been sitting on my butt. I've even backslid on my eating. I know I can count on you guys to help me out. Thanks. :)

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