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10/3/14 8:11 P

I get hungry lots too, but the truth is it just means you have a super fast metabolism, something that most people would kill to have, because you can eat lots and whatever you want without ever gaining weight.

But as an athlete, you'll notice that days after hard workouts your body will be compensating for it, and you may end up actually having to eat way over 5,000 calories a day. If you are an extreme athlete, you can end up burning over 5,000 calories in just 2 hours, so of course you are going to need to eat a lot of food.
And yes, it is sometimes annoying having a healthy, fast metabolism, because not all of us want to be eating all day long. Otherwise, us people with fast metabolisms are the envy of the people who try to diet to be slim, without knowing that it's actually counterproductive.

But hey, people are stupid, just because it's a general norm doesn't make it correct.

Being hungry means you are healthy, have a fast metabolism and can eat more than most people without getting fat. Not being hungry means you are not healthy, have a slow metabolism and are probably fat or have to eat very little in order to not get fat.

The person who said lack of sleep makes them hungrier, well duh, basic science, your muscles require rest to repair, if they don't get it they will want more protien & fuel. Rest is important for someone who is physically active, it's not rocket science people.

Here's the real facts based on REAL physiology:

Intense and anerobic exercise used within 30 seconds to 3-4 minutes only burns Carbohydrates. The body stores only 2,000 calories of carbohydrates, the average athlete can burn all his carb stores very fast. This is why carbohydrates are the most important FUEL for any human alive. Not eating enough carbs will obviously make you hungry. The brains only fuel is carbohydrates. Low carb diets are extremely unhealthy.

Aerobic exercise which is classified as MILD TO MODERATE prolonged physical activity that requires adequete OXYGEN, burns both carbs and fats, but the longer you go for, the more fat you burn. The body stores 100,000 calories of fats, which is why you really don't need to eat as much fats as you do carbohydrates. If you are an endurance athlete, like someone who runs long distances, then you need to eat lots more fat than an athlete who does intense or anerobic workouts, like a strength trainer or sprinter or basketball player.

Those are the 2 main energy systems.
You do NOT use protien as a fuel. Protien is used to repair your muscles and keeps them working in top shape, which is why you should be eating a little bit of protien all throughout the day.
If you are a healthy person, protien should not be the thing filling you up, fats and carbs are.

Obviously vegetables are not filling, they are fast digesting carbohydrates, whereas grains are very slow digesting carbohydrates. Therefore grains and fats are the things that are going to fill you up for longer.

The guy who said hunger pangs don't exist was wrong about that, but he was right about how to stop hunger. If you don't want hunger pangs anymore, you would cut down on carbs & fats so you can force your body to not rely on the fuel it needs, which will in turn drastically lower your metabolism, which will reduce hunger pangs after awhile of doing this.
But WHY you would want to do that, I don't know!!!!!!
It's much easier and healthier to just eat fats and carbs to give your body what it needs.
By reducing carbs and fats you would be forcing your metabolism to become a slug, making you have to rely on eating very small portions to not get fat!
You would basically be like every other dieter out there who has to restrict their calories to be thin, whereas if you have a fast metabolism and are eating healthy you won't have to do that!!!!!
Another way to lower your metabolism is to diet, restrict your calories, and skip meals, you are definitely bound to get fat that way and stop your hunger pangs because you will lower your metabolism.

The good news, is even if you were anorexic for years and really destroyed your metabolism, you can increase it. I sure did.
All I did was heavy weight lift and eat lots and regularily.
Heavy weight lifting is important because muscles ARE metabolism. Eating regularily is important because it strengthens and speeds up the metabolism because it gives your muscles regular fuel!

So unless you are like me and are gluten free and have major problems trying to find high caloric carbs that can keep me full & pain free, you should feel LUCKY. If you weren't so worried about getting fat, perhaps you would allow yourself to eat as much as your body needs and you would realize, you wouldn't get fat, in fact eating as much as you need to not be hungry will probably give you even better results.

For me, if I eat meat and vegetables, or anything other than grains with fat I am starving 10 minutes afterwards. The problem is I'm also gluten free, and can't tolerate things like rice, so it's very hard for me to find healthy grains that don't hurt my digestion. Which sucks, so I have to rely on processed things like rice crackers, rice pasta, corn chips, but you know... at least I can eat as much as I want without getting fat.

Why you would want a lowered metabolism beats me.

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DZZLGRL Posts: 332
1/13/14 11:33 P

Sometimes I'll eat a bunch of popcorn just spritz with butter and lots of seasoning.

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1/13/14 11:05 P

It happens. I just try to drink water and eat a bunch of vegetables, but otherwise, I find that tea helps. Not sure why - the hot water means I can't drink it fast, and it's flavored so I trick my body into thinking it's getting food? If anyone knows the reason why this works, I'd love to know.

JODIHAFE Posts: 38
1/13/14 9:38 P

Eat Fat and protein and no carbs, not even the good ones on these days. Even when I have "healthy" carbs sometimes, it sends me into a deep hunger day like you mentioned. I've limited my healthy carbs to just a few times a week because when I have them more, I have more days like this.

Also - do you eat any artificial sweeteners? Just asking bc I used to be addicted to them...but now that I don't have them, I have less cravings. Hope this helps!

TLB1630 SparkPoints: (44,671)
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1/13/14 12:55 A

FIBER - FIBER - FIBER!!! emoticon

LEAPSTER2013 SparkPoints: (2,273)
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1/12/14 11:24 P

Do you think you could be thirsty? Sometimes thirst masks as hunger.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/12/14 11:09 P

Capt. - Sorry if the truth isn't positive enough for you. Hunger is a biological function, and takes days to happen, and certainly is not what you are feeling while still digesting your last meal.

It wasn't meant to be negative, but instead of lying to make you feel better, I thought giving you a solution might be better, but I guess you don't want that. Maybe I can do better on this try:

1 ) Just use more willpower!
2 ) Fiber will do the trick!
3 ) Chew your food 10 times each bite!
4 ) Wait 15 seconds between bites!
5 ) Keep busy so you don't think about your cravings!

Feel free to take comfort from any of these stupid ideas, and remain " hungry ". Next time you ask a question, you might want to actually ask the people responding if they actually ever feel hunger, or cravings. If any of your other respondents do, then they don't have a solution. They are just trying to get you to do what they are doing. Since they are " hungry ", you will be too. Someone who actually never experiences hunger, or cravings might actually be able to help you, and show you a solution, but as I said in my previous post, you don't want to admit that you have a problem with what you are eating. You just want a magical , minute change, that will remove all " hunger ". Anyone pointing out the obvious flaw in your thinking is just not being positive.

I sincerely hope by sheer dumb luck, something works for you, and you get your appetite under control, and are healthy.

EFLORES33 Posts: 9
1/11/14 6:04 P

I've found that I stay full longer when I strive for a good balance of protein, fat and carbs in every meal and snack. If one meal happens to be higher carb, then I try to compensate with some healthy protein and fat with my next snack. If you don't mind logging everything in, the Spark People graph tells you which percentage of each you're getting. This has helped me get better at planning over time how to make my calories count. If you are exercising regularly, it could also be that you need more protein. It seems to stay with me longer and give me more energy.

ELENGIL Posts: 957
1/11/14 2:54 P

For myself, I did finally notice a pattern that on days when it seems no matter what I eat nothing fills me up, those are days that I didn't get nearly enough sleep the night before. Sometimes it isn't just our 'diet' that affects our diets! Try looking at your whole body, what you did the last few days, what exercises you have or haven't kept up with, how much sleep and how much water you've had, etc. There may be a similar pattern that you're experiencing and you just haven't noticed it yet.

CAPTATHLETICA SparkPoints: (3,771)
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1/11/14 2:34 P

Michell - You are correct, I need more fat. I am eating semi-correctly, simply because I do not eat enough healthy fats. I incorporated them into my diet today and feel great.

Also I must point out I think it is completely absurd to think that you can't feel hungry until you've gone multiple days without eating, that is the kind of nonsense garbage that drives people to starve themselves.

Also, note, I did not binge and become a carboholic yesterday lol. I did not overeat, did not have an entire pizza, I ate like I normally do I just was still feeling very hungry which I have now associated the feelings to be needing more fat.

I appreciate all the positive answers.

1/11/14 12:36 P

Very good points below. Wanting more food when you're already fed can be a complex issue. If you know you don't need more calories, my suggestion is to distract yourself. Do something that absorbs you mentally. Give your body time to realize it's had enough. I also find exercise a good way to tame a raging appetite.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
1/11/14 12:16 P

I eat a lot of fiber. It does help tremendously when you need to 'feel full.' But food is not just something you put in your mouth and swallow and it 'fixes' something. It's an experience, it's pleasure, it's like managing money or your love life. If there were simple answers, there wouldn't be so many problems!

When you are eating according to plan, are you enjoying it? Do you try new techniques of cooking, Do you try new recipes that at least sound good on paper and taste pretty good? Have you changed your diet so you can cook and eat this way from now on and be happy with it or do you feel like you've gone through a checklist of do's and don'ts that makes you feel like you've achieved some goal but it hasn't satisfied your soul? Food is satisfaction. There's a reason the hospitality industry and restaurants give people so much pleasure and it has nothing to do with adding up grams of this or subtracting grams of that. Your remembering satisfaction is what craving is all about and it's true that eating something that is satisfying is what you want and what makes you 'hungry but nothing is filling you up'!

I love these little high fiber crackers that have 7 grams of fiber (GG crackers, you can get them on amazon or at Whole Foods) but I love them because they solve a problem. They are low in fat, taste OK (not bad), give you a HUGE hit of fiber which is very filling, and they are sturdy enough to carry a bunch of toppings. But even if I ate these 3 times a day and they 'fixed' my need to have fiber, they don't match a Filet of Fish sandwich from McD's for me. So I have to make room in my diet for yummy things. Otherwise, I do that - go on a McD's binge because I've not had my tasty fish and scratched that experience from my list of satisfying experiences! See how that backfires?

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/11/14 11:40 A

If you are truly hungry, sell your computer, and buy more food. I'm guessing if you can buy all the junk food, and shakes, you have enough money and food.

We don't get hungry, we have cravings. Hunger takes DAYS to set in. Most of us have never experienced hunger.

If you want to fill up, it is simple, eat fat, and protein.. not carbs. Fat foremost. Have some ground beef with cheese melted on top, or chicken fried in oil. Cravings gone. Fat satiates ( that means fill you up ). These cravings are caused by carbs. The food you had at your LAST meal caused that to happen. Identify these foods, and remove them from your diet, and you will not have those cravings. Cravings are not natural. They let us know that the food is a problem for us.

There is a huge difference between vegetables, and a hamburger bun in terms of carbs, and the first step of fixing the problem is admitting there is a problem. Calling wanting to eat immediately after consuming a meal " hunger ", is just denial. You can't be hungry, if you just ate. For hours, you will be digesting that meal.

Once you admit that, you need to wonder why your body is suggesting for you to eat, while you are still digesting food. That is your real problem. Healthier carbs will be the solution, and maybe less of them.

CATERINAEP SparkPoints: (1,352)
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1/11/14 8:48 A

When I get hungry, I live Greek yogurt with fruit. The protein helps me feel satisfied

CHARLOTTEPI Posts: 6,780
1/11/14 8:43 A

Hmm. Everyone is different so this could be a hard question to answer.

I love vegetables so when I am getting the starved feeling and water doesn't help, and I've already eaten my "menu plan" for the day, I boil a pot of broccoli (about 2-3 cups). I cook it so it's not crisp but still maintaining the green colour. Then I drain it, salt a little and pour it in a bowl to snack on.

I know it doesn't sound very exciting but it feels like I am eating snack food but I don't have the guilt. It fills me and of course "cleans" me.

Hope that helps.

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1/11/14 8:39 A

What Is your fat percentage intake?

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,214
1/11/14 7:36 A

Maybe try this.....

Elin Johansson has received a scientific award for her research results concerning barley and GLP-1. She presented facts that Intake of a barley evening meal stimulates GLP-1 release, improves glucose tolerance and appetite regulation.

1/4 cup of barley can help you stay full.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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1/11/14 5:30 A

If I'm truly hungry... I eat. I eat bigger meals and I give my body what it needs. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating at maintenance once a week. I weight lift so it's pretty normal for me to get extremely hungry 24 hours after a hard training session. I just make sure I plan out healthy foods to eat and get plenty of protein. Protein fills you up the best out of all the macros and keeps you feeling full longer. I also bulk up my meals with lots of veg.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
1/10/14 10:52 P

It's hard to be specific, since your only shared Tracker is your exercise. But from your description here, the "big sandwich" and pizza... perhaps your body is responding to the carbs. For me, if I get into something carby, I'm on a crave/binge for hours. I ate one very small sandwich a day or so ago, and, as you said, I wanted to "eat the universe" for hours afterwards. Misery.

The only thing that stops it for me is to eat fat, and keep sipping liquids. Sometimes hot liquids (tea, soup/broth) help more than just water. And to stay *far* from carbs until I can get over it!

CAPTATHLETICA SparkPoints: (3,771)
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1/10/14 9:25 P

It might be. Maybe the extra fiber with the liquid filling my stomach. It had about 16g of fiber. I have drank a ton more water today than usual too.

1/10/14 9:11 P

The same thing happens to me sometimes. It's not a craving, it's not the munchies, it's full-on hungry no matter what. I'll keep that shake idea in mind - maybe it's the liquid that helps?

CAPTATHLETICA SparkPoints: (3,771)
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1/10/14 8:50 P

Instead of gorging on a large pizza, I made a protein shake with extra fiber. A little over halfway through and I'm feeling pretty full. Maybe I was just craving protein? I wish our bodies could tell us that instead of just saying "You're starving! Eat the universe!"

CAPTATHLETICA SparkPoints: (3,771)
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1/10/14 8:37 P

I get like this often, maybe once a week. I get to where I can be perfectly fine in my calorie range for a few days, then one day I am extremely hungry and nothing will satisfy my hunger. I've eaten about 2,000 calories already today but still want more. I just ate a big bbq sandwich hoping it would stop the cravings but I'm still hungry. I've eaten enough fiber, healthy carbs, lean meat, veggies etc for today but still I crave more food. I've tried drinking a lot of water and chewing gum but the hunger persists. What do you do on days like this?

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