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SOFT_VAL67, I wasn't judging you. I was answering your question based on the information you provided. I'm sorry that you felt it was an attack; it wasn't intended to be, and I place no judgment on anything. In what way did I attack you? You asked a question. I answered.

I eat Subway, too. Subway's not bad, but it's not a "tiny amount of food." I'm sorry you felt hurt enough to make your page private and delete your post. That was not my intention at all!

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Okay. SOFT_VAL67, I looked at your blog, and you shared what you had to eat, which is helpful. I'll copy it over here (if you want me to remove it after your question is answered, pop me a private message and I'll delete it for you!) One thing that would help would be for you to share your nutrition trackers publicly, and post over in the nutrition forum. However, we can help a bit here. :)

"one full six inch chicken breast sub with lettuce, tomato and cucumber on whole wheat, and half of another six inch....a subway parfait, shredded wheat cereal, banana and milk and my morning pure protein shake, consisiting of milk and pure protein, and six prunes!!
I am already up to over 1600 calories with just this tiny amount of food."

This is NOT a tiny amount of food! This is actually a lot. You ate a six inch sub. Depending on what kind of chicken sub you got, if you got condiments and cheese, this can pack a serious calorie punch. The bread alone is 210 calories. Jared lost all his weight because he skipped that stuff. :) You had a parfait (a nutritionally void treat) which added another 190 calories of next to nothing (including a lot of sugar - 28 grams!) You're looking at a minimum of 500 calories... and that's with NO condiments. Add mayo and mustard, and wooo... half your day's calories are gone!

NOw, your breakfast included a protein shake, a banana, and shredded wheat... again, this is a lot of food for one meal. Why are you eating the cereal and banana on top of the shake? Instead of drinking your calories, I would suggest dumping the shake because in general, if you're going to eat your breakfast anyway, skip the high-calorie protein shakes on top of breakfast, and eat real food. By themselves, the cereal, banana, and milk are a great breakfast. You don't need more on top of that!

There's also no veggies here at all. You mention something about some broccoli and grapes for dinner, but your entire day, you've got almost no vegetable intake, aside from whatever veggies you put on your sub (and they're stingy with all but the lettuce on those things, believe me.)

To cut calories and boost fullness you need more lean protein, and less takeout. Subway's a nice treat, but their marketing aside, it's NOT health food. It's not bad now and again, but you have to be really, really careful.

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I just wrote a blog about this very thing, being hungry,

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to the op: I am about your size (5ft 6 132 pounds.) You asked if you would get more calories once you reach your goal. My range is 1450-1800 to maintain. I don't work out a lot. I jog about 3 miles 3 times a week. I am usually in the upper range of my calorie range. My guess is your calorie range would be more when you are maintaining, because you would no longer be trying to create a calorie deficit?

And I agree with your statement about 1200-1550 not being a lot of calories. It can add up quickly for me.

Maybe try switching to maintenance for a while like ARCHIMEDES suggested.

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I was at my goal before for several years, but then came two years of night shift as an RN, two years of graduate school (one year of that overlapped with night shift), got married, etc. I just want to be back to my healthy, active self that I used to be before all this other stuff happened.

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Something that helps me is to avoid sugar completely most of the time. I don't avoid fruits and natural sugar, but anything with processed sugar makes me CRAVE carbs and more sugar. It's a disgusting cycle, and although I hate giving up sugar, it's the only way I can handle my cravings. :(

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Because you are already at a healthy BMI, you will find those last few very difficult to take off. Most members will tell you that they don't lose 1-2 pounds per week, they are lucky they lost 1 pound or less per month.

You also have to ask yourself that if you do lose that last five pounds, will you be able to keep it off ? As I mentioned in my earlier reply, it's one thing to take the weight off, it's another to keep it off. Some women choose goal weights that just aren't practical or sustainable.

That's why so many people end up regaining the weight. It's because they choose weights their bodies can't sustain. That's why I suggest trying maintenance for a few weeks so that your weight can stabilize.

And well, you may find it more comfortable to maintain this weight then struggling trying to lose the last five.

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Thanks for your quick response. I wanted to lose about 15lb to put me back to where I was when I graduated from college. I lost 5 pretty quickly on Spark (about 4 weeks). I checked my BMI, and it's like 22.6. I know I've never truly been "overweight" but on my frame, losing those 5lb made a world of difference. I started doing the eating about one month ago. You are probably right. I probably need to eat some more for a while and see how it goes.

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Have you recently increased the amount of exercise you do ? If you're exercising more and still eating 1200-1500 per day, that would explain why you're constantly hungry. So, on days you do intense exercise, consider increasing the amount of food you eat accordingly. How much ? Depends on how much you work out. If you burn 500 calories in an hour, then you should consider eating at least 500 calories.

How long have you been eating 1200-1500 ? That's another issue. No one should be on a constant diet. At some point, you're going to need to increase the amount you eat each day to maintain your loss. Since the last 5-10 pounds tend to be the hardest for everyone, why not go into maintenance mode now.

How much weight have you taken off ? It's one thing to take the weight off. Its another to keep it off. So, why not maintain your current loss ? Slowly increase your calories until you're eating to maintain your current weight. Do this for a few weeks or even 3-4 months. Once your body has settled into your current weight, then you can consider slowly lowering your calories to lose those last few.

Because many members will tell you those last few pounds take the longest. And you really shouldn't be on a permanent diet.

Therefore, why not consider going into maintenance for a weeks weeks ? Once your weight has stabilized, then you can continue on. Your body may be rebelling because you've been eating so little for so long.

Will your weight increase if you start eating a bit more ? Probably. that's happened to every single one of us who went into maint. BUT, that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. Like I said, your body has to settle into the new weight. So you will see some fluctuation.

Once you find out where you body wants to settle, then you can think about losing those last few. Truthfully, keeping the weight off is a challenge. Thus the reason you might want to give it a try now instead of waiting.

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I am a 5'6" woman with a small-medium frame and I'm about ten pounds away from goal. According to SP, I get 1200-1550 calories/day. I am constantly hungry. That just isn't very much food in general no matter how you cut it, and I eat a LOT of fruit/veggies. It's getting close to that time of the month...and I am craving EVERYTHING. The honey roasted almonds are a big hit right now (salt and sugar combo). I've either been at the upper end of my range or gone over a lot lately. I was doing ok with the food, but lately, it's been really hard.

My husband is on Spark too, and he gets about 300 cal/day more than I do...and I find myself jealous in the evenings when he and I have eaten the same all day and he gets an extra snack and I don't. When I get to goal, will I have more calories?

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