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1/22/14 1:31 A

When I started back at 361, I ate almost 4,000 calories a day, and at 330 lbs, I cut down to 3,500.

2,750 sounds like a lot, but at 328, if you are active, it is hard to determine BMR, because some days you ache, and don't do much, and others you do a lot, if you feel good.

Today, I plan my exercise, and just burn my calories, but at 330, I woke up, hopped a bit, and saw how the day was going to be. Did my hips hurt? etc.etc. Your exercise will vary, and it is harder to determine calories burned at higher weights. I doubt SP would have given me a 3,500 calorie range, but I find that people who are very heavy, or very light tend to be hard to predict what will work for them.

So the question I have to ask is: Are you currently losing weight at 2,750 calories? If you are losing 1-2 lbs a week, maybe eat an extra 250 calorie snack on the 2-3 days you feel a little hungry. You may slow down to a lb. a week, but you will feel better, and that helps us stick to it. So far, I have been losing for over 4.5 years, and if I was hungry all the time, I would have quit years ago.

Today, I eat almost exactly what SP has for my range, and am doing pretty good. I just think for people outside the norm, we can use SP ranges as a guide, but will need to tweak it based on hunger, and how well we are losing. Once you get down to 250 or so, the SP range will be a lot more accurate.

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1/21/14 11:30 P

Excellent sources of fibre - fruits and veges, but ones like peas, broccoli, cauliflower are higher than some others. Dates, figs, pears, guavas are also excellent sources of fibre.

Lentils and split peas, kidney beans, cannellini beans, black beans, and chick peas are not only excellent sources of fibre, but very good sources of protein, too, if you want to stretch your lean meat out.

Choose a good quality wholegrain bread over white, and wholegrain pasta and brown rice over white.

Below are a couple links that you may find very helpful:

I get tons of fibre because I need a very high fibre diet, and generally meet it - usually around 42 - 52 grams. If I didn't get tons of fruit/veges in my day, it wouldn't just be my stomach thinking my throat was cut - LOL!


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1/21/14 11:18 P

My SP calorie range is 2,630 - 2,980. Yesterday, when I felt super hungry, I had hit 2,752 calories.

I added the fiber filter and it appears like yesterday I didn't get fiber (or at least it didn't track fiber). Protein was 133, about mid-range for me.

What are some good sources for fiber?

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1/21/14 10:40 P

Apart from Becky's comments, I found that I had to go down in calories in small increments because even just dropping around 200-250 cal's from my diet, left me feeling nauseous, light-headed and I would often wake in the middle of the night with severe hunger PAIN as well as the nausea. It MIGHT be that you need to go back up and just gradually work down to your range.


1/21/14 7:11 P

What is your SP calorie range?
what has been your intake on those 4 days?

If you make your nutrition tracker public, we maybe able to give more helpful tips. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

Sometimes if you up your protein intake it helps with satiety. What amount are you getting daily?
Make sure you are getting at least 25 grams of fiber daily.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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1/21/14 4:49 P

How about tracking your food on spark and making it public?

1/21/14 2:45 P

What are you eating?

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1/21/14 1:49 P


What kid of food are you eating? High fiber food and protein will help you feel more full.

For some people, the carbs in stuff like white bread, white rice, etc. makes them more hungry.

Also, are you eating too little? Your stomach (the organ, not your tummy) might need time to adjust (shrink) because you are consuming less. For some people it helps to eat at the high end of their range for a few days (even go over a little), then bring it down little by little.

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1/21/14 1:33 P

So I'm on Day 4 of tracking my calories and yesterday I managed to hit all my my nutritional goals for the first time! emoticon

But I'm hungry. Like all the time. I'm drinking plenty of water, but I still feel hungry. Is this psychological? Will my body become satisfied with less food? What can I do in the meantime?

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