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7/7/13 2:34 P

When I get a craving, I usually put it off for a bit. I tell myself if I still want it after I do a certain chore or finish off my water bottle or do my exercise, go for a walk, etc., I'll have it. Pretty often, I no longer want it even 10-15 min later once I put my mind on something else for a few minutes. But if the craving "sticks" and I still want it, I will have it. If I don't know the calorie count I will look it up first and think about how much exercise is required to burn off that treat, or how much I will need to cut back other eating to balance, just so I am making a thoughtful decision not eating on impulse. But treats are worth it sometimes, and if they aren't a regular habit, they won't ruin your health and fitness goals.

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7/7/13 10:29 A

I like the idea of "fitting it into your healthy lifestyle" vs "giving into a craving".

There have been times where I have tried to hard to fight off a craving by eating other, healthier foods, but still not being satisfies, going back for more healthier choices and still fighting the craving, going back for more get the picture. and after all was said and done, I ate more calories fighting off the craving, then I would have if I had allowed myself to fit a small portion of what I was craving into my life style. (almost typed "gave into the craving" lol)

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7/7/13 9:58 A

I definitely allow myself to have "cheat/splurge" meals where I eat pretty much what I want. I got off work one night and I was absolutely starving (mind you, I work retail and I'm constantly running around at work, so that contributes lol) so my boyfriend and I went out to a sports bar. I wanted something fried SO badly and ended up getting a chicken tender wrap. End of the world? No. Something I eat everyday? NO way. But as an occasional thing, it can definitely fit into a LIFESTYLE and that's what this is all about.

7/7/13 12:51 A

When that happens to me, I usually just give into the craving, although if it is for something "unhealthy," I do try to make as many healthy substitutions as I can. But there have been many times when I haven't wanted to eat because nothing else was appealing. In those situations, I would rather eat what I want than know that I'm hungry, but aren't going to want to eat anything b/c I don't want anything except what I'm craving. Cravings are normal, and they aren't all bad. I crave fruit all the time, for example. And I crave chocolate (and I let myself have it, albeit in smaller amounts than I used to). And the other night, I really wanted fried chicken, and when my boyfriend took me out for dinner, that's what I ordered. Everything in moderation. All foods can be part of a healthy lifestyle. If you want something that badly, by all means, have it! emoticon

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7/6/13 5:02 P

No I was getting hungry (not dizzy or anything like that, I dont have blood sugar issues) but I would look in the fridge and the pantry and think there is nothing here that I want, I'll just drink some water and come back later.

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7/6/13 4:51 P

hunger is your body saying it needs food.
a craving is you saying you want a specific kind of food.

cravings don't have to be for unhealthy food. i was craving apples last week for example. other people crave berries or milk or even vegetables. a craving just means you want something specific. giving in to every craving every time might be an issue, but most people do give in to at least some cravings and it's not a big deal. let's say we're craving pizza. having an extra large domino's isn't a great way to cave in to the craving. but taking a flatbread, layering on tomato slices, herbs, cheese and vegetables is. or some people might do a cauliflower crust or use a portabella as the crust, layer on tomato, spices, cheese and veggie toppings.

not eating for three days is not healthy. if you aren't getting any hunger signals while you skip food for three days trying to wait out a craving, something in that feedback loop is messed up and you may not want to trust it, at least for the short term.

7/6/13 4:47 P

I use the phrases:
belly hunger (true hunger)...belly rumbling, may feel light-headed, dizzy, weak. The body is in need of energy (food).


mouth hunger (wanting the taste, texture of a certain food).

Both are normal. Both types happen to almost everyone. Mouth hunger (cravings) may decrease when a healthier and balanced diet is followed, but it will still occur.

I do not feel that one should ever feel they "give into a craving". Do not give food control over your actions. Plan to eat the food, plan it into your diet for the day. You maintain the control.

SP Registered Dietitian

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7/6/13 4:30 P

So I keep reading that the difference between hunger and a craving is that when you are hungry you will eat whatever you have like nuts or a salad and a craving is just something you want. Have you found this to be true? I have not.

I tested this out (because I really wanted a burrito from this local place) and I literally just couldn't bring myself to eat anything for 3 days because nothing sounded edible until I got that burrito.

Clearly this is extreme but I thought giving in to cravings was something you weren't supposed to do when you are a healthy person. (Not that I'm unhealthy, I'm just trying to be healthier than I have been).

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