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9/29/12 8:54 A

Thank you for yalls advice! I most deffantly appriciate it!

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9/28/12 5:53 P

The scales not moving or slightly creeping up occasionally is perfectly normal. Some of it is because we retain varying amounts of fluid in our tissues during the day. Hormones can be part of it. What waste is in your bowel can be part of it too. I know that I have at times weight at my Dr's on the real flash fancy scales, immediately before and after going to the loo (just out of curiosity) and believe me, the weight can vary by quite a huge amount! You mention "and didnt go to the gym at all." It is possible that some of the weight gain is muscle rather than fat, and that is normal, it is also what you should be aiming for - the muscle! Another thought crossed my mind, it is possible (probable) that when you go to the gym you actually NEED to eat a bit more, and that time sounds like it needs to be later in the evening - something small, filling, and lasting. That is what is normally advised. I know it sounds silly but this is the reality. Give it a try - you might be pleasantly surprised.


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9/28/12 11:26 A

Perhaps a small meal isn't necessary. It's not only balancing out your calories throughout your day but making sure that you have plenty of fibre, not calorie dense foods. There are some excellent articles on Sparkpeople on evening eating that may help.

I personally find that if I eat some protein in the evening, say a few nuts then I'm not hungry throughout the night. I also find having protein with each of my meals helps to stabilize my blood sugars so I don't get the extreme hunger swings.

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9/28/12 8:45 A

I eat 1450 calories a day no matter what. I feel like eating late at night distroys my efforts though. I tried to switch meals around so I'm eating more during the day and less at night. Typically if I do that I see results. However by doing so I go to bed with hunger pains.

High, fiber, protien cereal w/ non fat milk and a banana

Pork loin and homemade beans ,low fat ,string cheese, small salad w. lemon juice & oilive oil

nuts and apple

Porkloin , homemade beans, broccoli

50 cal fruit pop and 1 piece dark chocolate.

It is insane to me though that the scale has barley budged. I have been on a consistant diet and excercise plan for a month now. I have only lost an average of 2lbs.And the scale still creeps up once in a while. The month before ate whatever I wanted and how much I wanted when I wanted and didnt go to the gym at all. And pretty much still see the same numbers, Its very frustrating

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9/21/12 11:49 P

Apart from the fact that if you are hungry you NEED to eat, something else to take into consideration is are you eating a healthy balance? (Healthy) fat helps with satiety as does protein. a lot of people look at calories but then forget that perhaps they have eating a fair bit of processed carbs - they are in/out of the system almost quicker than blinking an eye!

You don't mention what calories you are consuming, try to stay within your range MOST of the time. Ensure that you are eating a healthy balance during the day - don't go skipping ANY meals, even if it means eating later at night. The late night eating honestly does NOT affect your weight unless you haven't factored it in and you are eating too many calories.


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9/21/12 9:57 P

So it is almost ten o'clock and I just finished my dinner. I will probably have a little snack later. I will still be within my calorie range. I am also a student and I work doing research for one of my professors. I got home about 6 pm had a small snack, did some things around the house then spent 40 minutes on the treadmill.

I used to buy into the times of day things should be done. I wanted to work out in the morning because I kept hearing it was better not eat after 7pm because that was better etc.....Well I ended up not working out in the morning because I can't get out of bed that early and saying I'd do it 'tomorrow' then I would force myself to eat dinner at a 'decent' hour and end up getting hungry later and eating another dinner. Long story short...this schedule did not work for me.

So I decided that I needed to forget what time others did things and exercise and eat when my 'nightowl' body felt good about it. That is when I started to be able to stick with the 'plan' of exercise and better eating. No not perfectly but I feel like I can exercise in the evening and I no longer force myself to eat just because it is "time'.

Hopefully this will continue to work for me but just goes to show it is not the time of day you do something but the fact that you do it that counts the most.

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9/21/12 9:44 P

I agree your post is a bit confusing, but it sounds like you are working out 5 hours or more per week. I'm wondering if you have cut your calories too low for your furnace to burn effectively, as you state you've cut 200 cals. Sometimes I eat dinner late, because of my class schedule. On these days, I pre-log my food to help stay in a healthy calorie range. I also drink a lot of water, to help me stave off hunger. I know these are tips stated over and over on sp, but it took me a while to really start increasing my water and finding ways to eat within my recommended calorie range.

I'm sure you can find a good balance and those pounds will start coming off again. :)

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9/21/12 12:28 P


I guess I'm a little confused too. When do you normal eat dinner ? Are you trying to avoid eating too late at night ? Don't let that keep you from eating a decent meal after your workout.

I know there are "studies" that say a person shouldn't eat after X time, but that's something of a dietary misconception. Ideally, a person should be spreading their calories out through the day so that they don't end up too hungry at certain times. That's why many dietary experts now recommend that people eat smaller meals 3-4 hours apart. That could be an option for you.

Instead of eating three large meals, why not consider having 5-6 smaller meals spaced out through the day.

I know some people can get an upset stomach if they eat too much before a workout. Some people don't like eating late at night because it keeps them up. What to do ? Experiment with the times you eat. Try eating a little something before your workout and then have a decent dinner afterwards when you get home.

What time do you go to bed ? that will impact when you eat too.

Have you considered working out early in the morning so that doesn't disrupt your evening meal ? You could even have a lunch time run depending on your schedule.

It is okay to eat at night. That will NOT cause you to pack on weight as long as you don't exceed your calorie range. calories in versus calories out.

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9/21/12 8:37 A


I am a tad confused, are you not eating dinner when you get home? Remember your body needs energy regardless of the claims you hear that eating after a certain hour will cause you not to lose weight. There are plenty of scientific studies that prove this not the be the case. The deal is your hunger is your body's way of telling you it needs energy (similar to the fuel light on your car--you can keep driving for a few more miles, but eventually you're going to need to stop for gas). When we ignore the cues of hunger this can lead to a slow down in our progress as our bodies begin to conserve the calories we are consuming, not to mention this can lead to binging issues.

Even a light dinner is better than no dinner at all.

Coach Nancy

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9/21/12 8:21 A

Reently, having full time work and part time school, I do not excercise as much as I use to. I still workout at the gym four times a week for one hour and I take a 20-30 min jog on my "off days" depending on how I feel. However this is half the amount of excercise that I was doing a year ago as a atay at home mom. Over the last year,10 pounds have slowly found their way back onto my body. I took in consideration that I dont workout as much so I dont burn as much so I cut back on my calories by 200. The only issue really is eating late dinners and I'm not sure how to adviod this. I dont get home until 7:30 every night and I'm straving- despite eating a well balanced breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks. I've tried to sqeeze in a larger lunch and larger afternoon snack but I still come home straving! If I only eat a snack when I get home on those days when I go to bed I'm so hungry its difficult to sleep. What do I do?

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