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5/26/14 3:51 P

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5/26/14 3:33 P

My problem is while i feel hungry food doesn't taste as good as it used too and it doesn't take much to satisfy me.Any suggestions? emoticon

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5/26/14 2:23 P

The term "Starvation Mode" gets thrown around a lot, without sometimes people truly understanding it's meaning.

While eating too few calories can slow weight loss down - what you need to look at, and understand, is Adaptive Thermogenesis.

You can read more about "Starvation Mode" and Adaptive Thermogenesis here:>

5/26/14 2:07 P

Hmm. I don't know, but maybe you can't loose weight easily because your body feels it's in 'starvation mode'. The book Brain over Binge talks about this. If you have been very strict it could be that this is your body's attempt to survive what it sees as starvation.

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5/26/14 8:36 A

." Not sure what to do once I get there so I don't have to go through this again, ugh! "

Most people find out what their maintenance daily range is and use that.

Once you hit goal, start adding in 50 cals (or so) per day, and keep adding it in, until

I'm there pretty much and am trying to figure it out as well. There are a few people here who have maintained for a few years now.

Tracking in maintenance seems to still be key? But then it's becomes, how much (still). Some track everything everyday, some just track dinner, some just track on weekends...I guess you gotta find what works for you.

I weigh everyday as well. It's just how I am. There is no crime in it. But if you do, you need to be completely aware of how your body changes day by day. For me, excess sodium either stalls my losses, or creates a false gain (water weight), so I track it so that when I get on the scale the next day and see a 3 pound "gain" I know I did not have 10,000 calories the day before (1 cal = about 3,500 cals), but it was all that sodium I ate.

"And I love myself at any weight!" emoticon Good! I love meeting people like you, who know that being fit and healthy is so much more than fitting into a certain size!

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5/26/14 3:44 A

I notice that you've only made your Fitness Tracker public. It would be really helpful if you made your food tracker public too. That way, we could take a look and see what's going on. More importantly, Becky (Dietician) could take a look at it and I'm sure she'd have some great suggestions.

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5/25/14 11:16 P

Yes, I am tracking every day. I am getting plant-based protein, including rice protein shakes with flax seed meal, nutritional yeast, Chia seeds, fresh fruits & kale for breakfast every morning.

My goal weight is based on the lower end of the healthy range for my height. I've been that weight before & I looked and felt great. Not sure what to do once I get there so I don't have to go through this again, ugh! That's the tough part for me.

As far as P90X goes, yes, it's a tough program. I am not only keeping up, but kicking butt! I am seeing results (muscle definition, strength, flexibility, etc) that I didn't have from just running & light strength training. My goal isn't to be skinny, it's to be super fit.

My issue is with finding balance. I feel guilty over every little treat or one beer because I know (and it's true) that it will interfere with my weight loss goal for the week. I do weigh myself every morning and I know I shouldn't. It's something I'm working on. : /

On a positive note, I'm not giving up on my goals EVER! And I love myself at any weight! And am thankful for my health & will spend the rest of my life making a healthy body & mind a priority...even if I never "get it right." Ha ha

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5/25/14 9:00 P

I think you are being far to hard on yourself, and too disciplined. My understanding is that the p90x schedule is kick but and you need to be fit to start with.

Given you are eating a plant-based diet (are you eating ANY meat/dairy?) AND you are under-eating, I suspect that you are likely low on protein. How is your fat consumption? Make sure you get healthy fats in regularly. Avocado is great - a food AND a healthy fat in one. I would be inclined to cut back a little on the exercise. 1 1/2hrs intensive every day is not good - your body needs some rest and in fact, it doesn't need 1 1/2 hrs to that degree anyway .... UNLESS you are in training for competition.

Try to get a little more balance to your diet and you might find that the sudden craving diminishes.

I actually GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION to eat whatever I want one day every second week. Sometimes I might go a month before I have that day. This is because my mind and body KNOWS that it is allowed it, so it doesn't panic and cause me to go off the rails OR beat myself up after.

II see your weight-ticker and it shows that you have a wee bit to go before you reach your goal. Is that goal YOUR goal??? ...... OR is it one that SP or your Dr set for you. Often there is a difference, and often the difference is that WE chose the lower weight which may not be so good.


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5/25/14 7:45 P

Okay. I'm no md, but based upon what I've seen in myself (I've lost 50 lbs twice before & regained it) and read about here on Spark, my hunch would be that you need to add calories (wait! don't say no yet!) but you have to add the right kind of calories.

Look. What I do know: if it's become torturous, you're not doing it right. And no one, I don't care who they are, can keep up extremes in both diet and exercise and expect to sustain it. That sentence should make you happy, not sad. Why? Because it just means that you need to experiment and tweak your food intake.

If it were me, I'd focus on this:

1) plan on eating "clean" 80-85% of the time. Allow yourself treats! I have SF chocolate every day...makes me much more pleasant to be around.
2) within that clean eating, make sure you are getting 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies (no "probably;" you need to measure and make sure! You are conducting an experiment, so you need to know what data you're bringing so you can evaluate it later.)
3) regarding the above, aim for more veggies than fruits. I have 7 veggie servings a day.
4) make sure you are getting enough calories to sustain your activity
5) make sure you get enough proteins and healthy fats.

I am the poster child for imperfection, and I've managed to keep off the bulk of my weight for close to 3 yrs. I don't use a scale, but if I slack off too much and the clothes get tight, I focus back on the basics. But I always, always have my 7-9 freggies and I always, always have treats! My inner 2 yr. old gets testy if I don't.

Doing it this way feels like I can do it for the long haul. Yes, I'd prefer to be naturally slim & not have to, but I'd also love to have smaller feet and better hair. Shrug! Oh well, I get what I get and this sure beats obesity. To me, that's balance I can live with and that's what's so different than the other times I lost weight and regained it all back. This is the longest I've ever kept weight off & way more of a sane approach.

Good luck!! Just know: if it feels too hard too often, you really need to tweak things.
It's normal to eat pizza sometimes!

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5/25/14 7:27 P

Well, balance to me means...just that..balance.

It think it's impossible to 100% change your diet and think it's gonna stick every single day of your life - that kind of thinking leads to the occasional "falling off the wagon", which leads to feelings of failure, anger, self loathing.

What you should aim for is more 90/10 or 80/20.

What does that mean? Eating a piece of cheesecake every single night is not good for anyone. Stopping with your gf once every 3 weeks at the bakery for a slice of cheesecake is fine.

Same with pizza. Every day, not good. A slice 2x a month, good.

And chances are, had you been eating a little pizza every once in a wouldn't have felt the need to "binge" on it. emoticon

"I can only lose weight by working out hours every day & eating 100% clean."

Do you track your calories everyday? It's not eating clean (admirable, and that's what I do) but it's calories that matter.

I could lose a buttload of weight if I ate 1000 calories a day on nothing but jellybeans.

I could gain a buttload of weight if I ate 2400 calories a day on nothing but chicken and brown rice and asparagus.

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5/25/14 7:19 P

Last year I hit my goal weight & started to "lighten up" a little bit. And I mean, a little bit! And my weight just kept creeping up. It's insane, I know, but I have to ridiculously disciplined about both diet & fitness or my body balloons into obesity. I'm not willing to go back there, so I just keep marching forward. The problem is that I'm no longer enjoying this lifestyle. I just want to find my "sweet spot" of happiness AND health. (Does this even exist for everyone?!)

On most mornings I probably meet my daily requirements of fruits & veggie with just my breakfast! I'm drinking enough water to put my city in danger of drought! I am eating too little, according to Spark, but if I eat a little more my weight loss screeches to a halt. It suuuucks!

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5/25/14 7:13 P

Well, look at this great article that was just on the opening page of the Motivation section.
I bet you'll like it as much as I did!

It's by Dean Anderson and called, "Moderation in All Things." Like all his articles, this one is good.

You may have to copy & paste (or just go to the Motivation page).

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5/25/14 7:03 P


I feel like this is a dumb question since you are eating plant based, but I have to ask:
How many servings of veggies and how many servings of fruit are you getting per day? For me, losing weight didn't click until I went to 7-9 servings of veggies & fruits (more veggies than fruits) each and every day. I'm in maintenance and I still do that. I found it "allowed" me to eat other things w/ not much effect, as long as I got those 7-9 in.

Also, are you eating enough calories for the huge amt of activity you do? Could your body be holding onto every calorie for dear life?

I'm kind of in the pp camp in that you should absolutely not have to be perfect in order to lose or maintain. That shouldn't be the case and it's setting yourself up for disaster since you're only human! No one can be perfect - that's a myth! And you are correct: thinking one "has" to be perfect is so not the definition of balance!

Whatever you do, don't weigh yourself for a few days (I don't at all) due to the sodium.

I hope you feel better about your pizza: really, three pieces is not the end of the world, especially for an active person such as yourself. Now if it were three entire pizzas, well then okay....I have pizza a few x's a year and I just don't fret about it. Usually 2 pieces but last time it was 3.

Can you aim for eating clean 80-85% of the time and the rest is for pizza, etc? That is sustainable for the long haul. Perfection is not.

Hang in there.

EMSR2D2 Posts: 1,394
5/25/14 6:12 P

I hate to tell you this but "I can only lose weight by working out hours every day & eating 100% clean" is nonsense. You don't have a completely different body composition to the rest of the planet. You can lose weight the same way the rest of us do - by eating healthier, eating less and doing a bit of exercise.

So you slipped up. 3 slices of pizza?! That's nothing! That's not even a "binge". It's just food. It's just a bit more food than you would normally have. And you missed one day of working out. Big deal!

You need to lighten up on yourself. This is supposed to be a lifelong lifestyle change. You cannot possibly keep up eating 100% clean and exercising like a demon for the rest of your life. No-one can.

Give yourself a break. Just get back on track tomorrow as normal and remember that you're human and you will therefore have days where exercise is just something you don't feel like doing and where pizza is just another food.

If you're angry with yourself every time you eat normal food or go out to eat with your friends, you are going to spend a lot of time being angry.

Smile and be nice to yourself. You've been doing really well for six weeks but you're a normal person and you need to eat and drink!


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5/25/14 5:49 P

After 6 weeks of eating a 100% plant based diet & not missing a single day of my P90x schedule, I lost it. Last night I skipped my workout (traded days off, I told myself.) Then today I went out to pizza & had 3 slices. Not gonna lie, it tasted like heaven! But I feel so guilty because I was doing so good & just got sick of never being able to go out to eat, never splurging, & never taking a night off.

The thing is, if I'm not 100% committed & kicking butt every day, I can't lose an ounce! I can only lose weight by working out hours every day & eating 100% clean. It sucks! And I'm feeling angry. I just want to find balance in my life!!! Why is this so hard?


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