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5/13/13 12:35 A

Going to try this!

5/12/13 11:32 P

All I can say is, if you get the right size and weight of hoop, you'll most likely be able to keep it up. Bigger really is better when you first start hooping; it's easier to keep a large hoop up. Counterintuitive, I know, but it's true.

And if you injure yourself, you'll recover. I should know - I tore a calf muscle about four months into my hoop journey, and although it took me five weeks to walk without a limp, it didn't make me drop hooping, I'm telling you - it's one of the most fun ways you can get yourself moving. Add your favorite uptempo music, and you'll get a great cardio workout. A strength workout too, especially if you use a heavier hoop. Just keep some arnica gel or cream on hand, because bruises come with the territory when you're starting out or when you're trying to get a new move down.

Anyway, I hope you'll give it a whirl. It's definitely a great way to get some exercise; you can burn 7 calories or more a minute, depending on how much intensity you put into it. I've heard of studies where people doing really hardcore, high-intensity hooping have burned over 600 calories in an hour.

STEELER71 Posts: 8,048
5/11/13 9:54 A

When I was young, I was terrific. I'm 74 now and afraid I'll break something. HaHa.

5/11/13 7:28 A

One of my exercise classes finishes up with some sort of 'different' exercise. 4 months ago I tried to hula hoop for the first time in 40 years. Couldn't do it! But now I can do 5 minutes kind of easily.

CHIBIKARATE Posts: 15,003
5/11/13 12:27 A

to much fun

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5/10/13 9:23 P

I have a weighted hula hoop. When I was a child I could keep up for a long while. Now not so much but I have so much fun with my granddaughter(who is 18). We laugh and just try to do it.
I do get to do squats as I pick it up off the floor or ground if I am outside. It is all about fun.

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5/10/13 6:39 P

LOL! Definitely is exercise - even the bending over to pick up the dropped hoop counts. emoticon

TCANNO SparkPoints: (307,864)
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5/10/13 2:44 A

well at least that is exercise


5/9/13 11:51 P

Gayle, there are several good tutorials on YouTube for keeping the hoop going and how to do basic moves. While my videos are not much about the basics, I think you might find something useful in them - if nothing else, you'll see just what a curvy girl can do with a hoop. ;) I'm CircularPraise on YouTube; feel free to look me up.

JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/25/13 12:49 P

haven't seen theses in a long time. Have fun exercising on your hula hoop!

GAYLEMUSTON SparkPoints: (0)
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2/22/13 3:01 A

Many thanks, will check it out and get into hooping. Its a little difficult to get out and walk at the moment with the afternoon storms and this terrible heat so I thought that hooping would be a perfect substitute.

MAGGIEVAN SparkPoints: (204,392)
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2/21/13 6:43 P

You just gave me an idea... I could be hooping while I am watching TV! I will check out the link now, I am sure I can learn something.

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,108
2/21/13 1:48 P

MOSTMOM1 is a SparkPeople member who uses hula hoops a lot. She has several video blogs with the hoops involved. She is very approachable, if you want to ask her a question. But check out some of her videos first - they will make you smile, and give you hope that nobody has to ever be perfect.

Here is a link to MOSTMOM1's SparkPage:

Good for you for puchasing something fun to get fit with. Keep trying - you will eventually get the hang of it.

GAYLEMUSTON SparkPoints: (0)
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2/20/13 10:38 P

I recently found out the benefits of hula hoop so bought a good one from online, now have to practice. So far in my attempt, I seem to spend more time squatting to pick up the hoop then I do spinning it, has anyone any tips on how to improve this or even know of good tutorials I can look at?
Many thanks in advance

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