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I'm right with you. I have issues getting boots on because I have very muscular calves. That being said, genetics is the biggest factor as to how much muscle mass we have in certain areas of our body. What I do is embrace my calves. Why? They help empower me during my runs.

Remember too, that as you lose weight, you may see your calf size go down in relation to your weight loss.

I wish you well!
Coach Nancy

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I'm so frustrated! The more I exercise the larger my already giant calves get, which leads me to wanting to give up. I know you can't exercise for a certain part of your body, but is there any exercises that I can do that aren't going to make the muscles in my calves bigger than they already are? My current workout includes walking/running on a treadmill and playing Dance Dance Revolution for Wii. My strength training I've mostly focused on upper body so this isn't the problem.

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