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4/3/14 7:23 P

Thanks for all the comments.
I think I will do the circuit training thing as long as I feel like my heart rate is up the whole time. If I get a dvd that seems more strength and it is less cardio I will rethink that. But this Week 1 was pretty intense so far.
I am doing a streak where I workout everyday so I am going to do cardio on days in between these dvds.
I just don't want to cheat myself either by eating too little or too much by not tracking the dvds correctly.

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4/3/14 4:50 P

I've followed this program--sort of. The program asks you to do the strength workout for the week 3 times a week on your strength days. I am a variety hound so I did it twice a week with another full body strength workout on the third day. At the time I kept notes and noted how many reps of each exercise I did and would try to beat my previous record while keeping good, controlled form. (You do timed intervals for each exercise not a specific rep count). They are circuits and the guide suggested cardio on off days. I also found some of them seemed more like cardio with strength benefits and others more like strength. I did see fitness gains including improved agility, coordination, balance and core strength. I never used the pushup handles it came with, they give the option but I found them to be cumbersome and felt I did better without. I do like that the workouts progress in difficulty each week and they are time efficient.

ETA: You are asking what to log it as? I'd log it as vigorous calisthenics if that is in the Spark database, if not then circuit training. When I log using a calculator based on MET values (I think Spark also is based on METs?), I get the same burn estimate for circuit training vs. calisthenics, vigorous effort on Spark as well as other exercise database based calculators. So I use calisthenics for bodyweight exercises and circuits when weights are involved, just to keep it straight in my own mind which type of training I did that day.

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4/3/14 11:29 A

I have only done 2 of the workouts (week 1, and total body) and I would consider them circuit training. and it may depend on the week. Some may focus more on cardio.

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4/3/14 8:30 A

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4/2/14 7:15 P

I don't think it counts as aerobics but I was thinking circuit training since you do 3 exercises per circuit for 3 different circuits then repeat. And you might get on the floor to do push-ups, or crunches but theres usually a 90 second workout in each circuit, like squats or lunges to get your heart rate up.

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