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11/22/12 8:45 P

I had very small portion of everything, even the pies. But, I skipped the cake I bought for the kids. So, even though that meal was still far more calories than I like to eat at one sitting, I stayed within my range for the day with some left for an evening snack. Hoping to make good choices between now and January 1st, too!

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11/22/12 7:08 P

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when I realized it was a life style change I thought differently about food. When I realized that food was my friend not my enemy I ate differently. I don't like that miserable feeling when I am stuffed. So I eat in moderation. I came to realize that if I missed eating something it was not the end of the world. I also realized that a bite or two was satisfying enough.

11/21/12 11:29 P

I hope this isn't a duplicate post. I was just wondering what some of your strategies will be to not over eat tomorrow??

I personally am having a "free day." However, we for the first time are going out to eat. So, this will limit how much I can eat and eliminate the days worth of overeating from leftovers.

Have a great one! Share your strategies!

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