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3/21/14 9:55 A

Thank you for your responses! I am going to read the article right now. JTOWAN I just may message you, thank you for the offer. I appreciate all of the information you gave me.

3/21/14 8:43 A

Congratulations! Because you have a background in fitness and dance, your body remembers yet you are in a different place now. So start easier than you might want to, especially weight training. It takes your ligaments longer to get used to strength training then your muscles. Start out with light weights, not going to fatigue, for the first week or two, then begin adding weight and going to fatigue on each set. As for stretching, if you stretch before a workout (up to you), you'll want to warm up a bit before you stretch (5 minutes is fine) and hold each stretch about 20 seconds. Most important is stretching after your workout, holding each stretch for at least 30 seconds. Be sure to warm up (10 minutes or less is fine) with some type of cardio before strength training.

It's hard to know much more without knowing your physical health now and if you have any injuries etc. As always, you may want to check with your doctor before beginning a new activity. I will say that you might consider starting out strength training (full body) 2-3 x a week and cardio 3-4 times a week, with other days being lighter activity such as yoga or walking. It totally depends on what you mean by "cardio" (walking, running, kickboxing, walking on the treadmill, dance, etc. - and 20 minutes or an hour? Big difference!) and strength training (2 reps 3 sets or light weights high reps, etc.) . I'm happy to help you design a personal plan (email me) with my personal knowledge (was in the fitness industry for 12 years), and there are also plenty of others here that can too. Have fun!

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3/21/14 8:07 A

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Sounds like you have a great strategy. I found a SP article that may help you organize in a way that meets your goals.

And working with a trainer is never a requirement, especially if you can't afford it.

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3/20/14 10:20 P

Hi. I am starting to work out at a gym and it's been a while since I've been on an exercise plan. I am wondering about the right way and order to work out. I plan on doing cardio daily and strength training every other day. Should I do cardio first then strength or vice versa? When should I stretch, before and after work out or just before (or just after)? Does this change on days I don't work with weights?

I can't afford to work with the trainer at this time, so I'm kind of going at it on my own. I have worked out before and I used to be a dancer, so I am not a stranger to physical activity, it's just been a long time. Thanks in advance!

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