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6/9/13 9:02 P

The choices are not usually my menu, but do have some of the items shown..

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6/9/13 6:08 P

Honestly, the ultimate trick is to realize that you will NOT be able to track perfectly, ever, even if your entry isn't there! I usually enter my own foods; PGTips may not be in there, but black tea is... tea is always 0 calories. Then you enter your cream and sugar separately.

For some exercises, a heart rate monitor is the best option for tracking your calories. In the end, though, it's okay to not be perfect, because even when your exercise IS in the tracker, it's just an estimate, and probably not 100% accurate, anyway!

Your best friend is the "low impact cardio" and "high impact cardio" options. If you're not sure what your exact exercise was, use these entries. In the pool, it's low impact, so you use that option (since water-based exercise is hard to track with a heart rate monitor anyway).

If you're jumping, or both feet leave the ground while you're exercising, use the high-impact option.

Now, for your juice question: get thee to ! Enter your recipes into the recipe calculator, eliminate the fiber.

As for the beach; sometimes, you're simply not going to be able to track that sort of thing accurately. For example, I spent most of the day Thursday in the garden... I know I didn't burn thousands of calories, because I wasn't *constantly* working, but I know that I was active for at least two hours. Instead of the 6+ hours I spent out there, I tracked 120 minutes of gardening. STill respectable, but not going to throw me off.

Generally, you do only track purposeful exercise; your range already account for some daily activity. There will always be days and events that are simply outliers. It's okay to not track them perfectly. :)

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6/9/13 2:14 P

Thanks but I still have questions...In the video it says "if your activity does not come up select one closest to it" this is where I get frustrated and quit because how am I supposed to figure out how long I "treaded water" or did "breast stroke" while I was in and out of the water all day. I could have used anywhere from 100 to 1000 calories for all I know.
Also, I did the Bhangra cardio 14 min work out from this web site and could not find it in the
This is the problem I have with food tracker too which I just posted about in the diet section. According to the tracker a juice from a juicer at home can be anywhere from 140 to 500 calories and the combos and portions are confusing and I still didn't find what I had.

How do you guys make this work? It seems so inaccurate.

(Yah, the name is misleading, Patience was the name of a boat I was in love with and the Pie just made it sound catchy)

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6/9/13 1:53 P

Hello Patiencepie,

Here are links to videos on how to use those trackers. I like your name for this quest!!



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6/9/13 12:13 P

Every time I try to track my food or exercises, they are not in the list. How am I supposed to get a clear idea of calories eaten and burned?
As an example, I began today again by trying to track the first thing, PG Tips Black tea with a TB brown sugar and 2% milk and of coarse it was not in there. Also, juiced apples, carrots and beets which I have no idea how what is in that as far as calories and sugar etc. if its not in the list, it doesn't add it.
Same for exercise, I was at the beach for 7 hours swimming on and off all day and there is no way to track that.
What do you do? Only track timed workouts and food in the list? Seems inaccurate especially over time.

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