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3/4/13 10:07 P

Ok I jogged 3 miles tonight without stopping. 40 minutes. I concentrated on going a steady slower pace. 30 minutes is awesome lovemouse, be very proud of that time! Thanks everyone for giving me the motivation to step it up a notch and do the full distance.

SUZZQ4LIFE Posts: 1,232
3/4/13 8:40 P

I did my first 5K last year in Sept. and plan on doing my second one in June. I know I can't run it but plan on doing a walk & jog combination. It truly was a major accomplishment for me and I see that's what most everyone is suggesting to you. Great for you for doing it in 30 min. Take pride in setting your goal and doing the best to accomplish it. It will feel so good in your heart and soul when you finish and say, "I DID IT!"

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
3/4/13 7:59 P

That's great that you have that competitive spirit and that will serve you well when you need motivation to continue running. But don't deprive yourself of enjoying the act of running itself. Think "like is about the journey not the destination."

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3/4/13 7:43 P

OMG ok so I just went out to do my mapped out 5k again. I was really amped up, had super motivational music, and was totally ready. I felt I did my very best that I ever have, came back through the door....EXACTLY 30 mins!!!!! Ok ok so I guess I will take some of your advice and stop worrying so much about time. It was just so frustrating. I know I did my best ever and that SHOUlD mean I was faster than normal, but I guess not.

Ok so I guess I'll focus on being able to RUN the whole way like some of you suggest. I still can't do that. But when I do stop to walk for a minute it really is like only a minute and I'm totally like power walking the fasted I would feel really good to not have to stop to walk at all.

3/4/13 2:14 P

i echo what everyone has said about trying the couch to 5k or the spark your way to 5K programs... but don't overlook the fact that if you are run/walking it in 30 min you are doing AMAZING!! i have been running for a few years, and i still haven't broken the 30 min mark in a race and i definitely jog the entire way. so way to go!

3/4/13 2:02 P

I am also doing my 1st 5k in May. My only goal is to complete the event jogging the whole way. I do not want to walk it. I think I will be ready. I started out doing 1/4 mile intervals but now am up to being able to jog 2 miles without stopping and walking. Don't care how long it takes me.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
3/4/13 12:29 P

I second what dragonchilde said. Your main goal should be completing the race. And if you train to increase the amount of time you're running/jogging, that will decrease the amount of time you're walking and will thus shave some time off your race. But don't focus on the time, focus on the experience.

Have you tried one of the couch to 5k programs? They recommend interval training to slowing decrease your walking intervals to the point where you can run the full 5k. I've got an app for my phone that will give me commands when to walk and run and I love it.

Cograts on your first race! My first race will be a 10k in April.

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3/4/13 8:58 A

Is this your first 5k? I would worry not about speed, but completion. Are you following a training program, like a couch to 5k or a Sparkpeople 5k Your Way plan?

Speedwork is possible, but your time is not going to be competitive your first time out. :) That's because you'd be competing against people who have been running for years!

Don't worry about your time. PRs come with time, practice, and effort.

I would focus on one goal at a time. Personally, if I were you, I would aim for *running* the whole way... that's a nicer goal than some specific time, to me. That's my ultimate goal. I can't run a 5k yet, but I will... I don't care about the time it takes me to finish, as long as it's faster than a walk!

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3/3/13 6:23 P


Just like you can't rush the weight loss process, you can't rush the speed process when it comes to running. Trying to train as though you are racing will leave you more vulnerable to injury as your body needs to make the adaptation to the sport of running. I do believe that when it comes to race day you may surprise yourself, at the rate at which you run, but as I mentioned before trying to hit a certain benchmark even before you toe the start line can take the joy out of the sport. Allow time for your body to evolve.

Coach Nancy

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3/3/13 6:15 P

I have a 5 k coming up in about a month. Do run but I've never ever done anything like this before. I mapped out a 5 k distance that I've been practicing. I can't run the whole way but can do a run/walk and make it in half an hour. No matter what I do or how hard I try (or even if I feel I'm half assing it a bit) it always seems to end up being about a half on earth do I begin to practice in a way that will help me gain speed?

Also when I practice should I eat first or will that hinder my speed? This morning I went out before breakfast and I felt it was so hard and I felt I was going so slow but then when I finally made it, lo and behold...a half hour!
So..what's the best way to train for this and get the most beneficial practice out of my time?

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