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5/19/13 3:02 P

Thank you for all the great tips. I get a little overwhelmed, I have been down this road many times and I want to see what the end of the road looks like. Not that you are every done living a healthy life style, but y'all know what I mean. I think I just have to learn to relax. emoticon

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5/19/13 5:56 A

Last night we went out to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, one of the worst places to eat out when you are on a program to monitor your weight/food intake. It wasn't our choice to go there. It was a birthday celebration. Before we went, I went online to check out their menu and the nutritional information for their food (which is off the charts if you want to eat healthy). I ended up ordering a reasonable dinner selection but I had to remember to divide everything on my plate in half. I took the remaining half home for leftovers. It's not an easy thing to do, because everything looks and tastes so good, but if you are conscious of what you are eating, it can be done.

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5/19/13 3:45 A

What I do:
stick to meat/eggs, veggies, fats, and fruit
ask how it is cooked
request all sauces on the side
always start with a raw salad

5/18/13 9:19 P

When I am in this situation, I "guesstimate" what's in the dishes made by others or for restaurants without nutrition information. You might be surprised how easy it is for you to figure out what and how much of it is in a dish now that you are more aware of your food choices. This method works well for me, and since you do not have meals away from home often, it will not really matter if you guess it not exact. You could also just ask family members how they prepared the dish, most folk are not offended--especially if you say something like--"Wow that looks really good--how did you make it?"
Good Luck! emoticon

5/18/13 9:10 P

One meal a week isn't going to derail what you do the rest of the week. What you do for the other 20 meals and 14 snacks is going to make a much bigger difference!

When eating out, you can check the nutritional information for many restaurants online before you even get to the location. If it's a local place, pick a national chain that is similar, and use that information.

When eating at someone's house, make sure you have a good snack before you go (high protein and fiber, like 2 sticks of string cheese and an apple), and plan the rest of your meals that day knowing you'll be eating at that person's house. So if it's your health-conscious in-law doing the cooking, eat what you normally do. If it's a family member who loves to serve deep fried chicken, butter-topped mashed potatoes, and nary a green in sight, load up on veggies and lean proteins the rest of the day and plan to eat a reasonable serving size.

Don't worry so much about tracking for just one meal per week. I let myself have "no-track" days when I know it's going to be difficult because of where I'm eating or my schedule. The important thing is to remain consistent during your other meals and days of the week.

Simple things you can also do include sticking to water to drink, and filling your plate of the available vegetables and fresh fruits.

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5/18/13 8:49 P

Now that I am tracking what I eat and I am more aware of what I am putting into my body, I still want to go out and enjoy someone else cooking and cleaning and the great family time that can be had by having a dinner out. I don't eat out often maybe twice a month if that. I do go to family gatherings. I don't want to always be worried about everything. Any tips and advise welcome.

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