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Well if you wanted to get exact, you could build a recipe in the recipe builder that combines the venison and the beef fat, and then divide it by number of servings (ounces would be easiest in this case I think). That's what I do when I grind my own beef (I do a combo of chuck and bacon for burgers).

But, if the beef fat really is a small amount (like maybe an ounce or less compared to a pound of venison), I may not even bother doing that... just track the venison and be mindful that the calories are probably slightly higher due to the beef fat. You could also just track the venison and maybe add in a generic entry that you create to add in 50 extra calories or something to make up for it.

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3/23/13 7:24 P

Follow its foot prints in the snow?? emoticon Sorry, couldn't resist a Saturday silly!

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I noticed that on the tracker, there is an option for ground venison with no additives. I am wondering if this is the correct one I should use....

My husband hunts deer and processes his own meat. When he grounds the meat, it is standard procedure to add a very small amount of cow fat into the meat because since venison is so lean it is very difficult to cook without burning it without the added fat. This is a very very small amount and I don't know how much it affects the nutrition content. But I usually drain the meat anyway if needed, but most times there isn't even anything left to drain when it is done cooking, it is such a small amount.

I don't know if I am tracking correctly. I do notice the ground venison, no additives as an option. I don't know if this small bit of cow fat is considered an additive. Anybody else track venison? I just want to make sure I doing it correctly. There is a very big difference in the calories of venison and ground beef and also a bit difference between some of the ground venison options I see on the tracker. We use no other substance or chemicals in the venison, the deer are completely grass fed and corn fed all natural, no special additions to their diet that they wouldn't normally get in their normal environment.

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