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It can be tracked in the food tracker.

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1/21/14 12:09 P

Thanks so much!!! I am not diabetic but like to be a ware of what is going in my body. I was blown away when I read that article and then started reading the sugars in some of the things I am eating. I will try to stick to fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth. Thanks so much for the explanation. I will make sure I read the label to make sure I am not eating things that contain huge amounts of sugar.

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1/21/14 11:28 A

There's a FAQ about that:

The short version is that currently it can't be done because there's no standard for defining and reporting sugar. Food producers/manufacturers aren't required to list it, and those who do it voluntarily all do it differently-- some list all sugars lumped together, some list only added sugar, some list sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc each as a separate line, and so on. Some (especially for very sugary foods) don't list it at all. Since most of the database here is based on food producers' reports, if SparkPeople tried to let you track "sugar," you would get a confusing mish-mash of different reports, and it would be no more accurate than your own guess.

The thing you read that said 20g of sugar was talking about added sugar. For now, the best way to track added sugar is by reading labels and trying to reduce the number of things you eat that have sugar listed in the ingredients. If you're not diabetic, you probably don't need to be too concerned about sugar in fruit or natural sugars in dairy, etc.

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1/21/14 10:48 A

I think I've seen a similar post around here somewhere... and I believe the answer was that, because there's so many types of sugars and sugar alcohols, etc, it's not possible to track. I'm not certain of that.

You should alert Dietitian Becky or Coach Jen, because I think one of them is the person who gave the definitive answer.

I'm curious to see if I remember correctly, too.

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1/21/14 10:33 A

So I read an article this weekend that suggest women should consume 20 grams of sugar a day. I want to track that intake to get an idea of how much sugar I consume. I am surprised to find out that will all the nutrient options that sugar is not one of the selections. Is there something I am missing?

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