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3/4/12 6:27 P

Thanks you all have been very helpful. I will go to walmart and get a pedometer. Trip to Disney is with my daughters band.

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3/4/12 5:37 P

If you head to walmart, you can get one for less than $10. If you can afford a trip to Disney, you can afford that. ;) (Or then again, you might not be able to... Disney might have eaten it all! SO expensive, but fun!)

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3/4/12 5:29 P

I would recommend getting a pedometer. That would be the easiest way that I know of and they sell some for pretty cheap. There are ones you can get for $14.99 or less.

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3/4/12 5:28 P


I would consider this a bonus, however, you may want to see if you can the fitness map feature on our site. But you will have to be very mindful of the route you take.

Coach Nancy

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3/4/12 5:19 P

I am going to Disney with my daughter. How can I track how many miles I walk around? I don't have a pedometer.

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