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4/23/14 11:50 A

Here are some further tricks once you've started using the recipe creator:

How I did it when making chicken picatta last weekend.

1) put the pot I'm going to use on a scale with a hotpad underneath
2) measure the empty pot plus hotpad
3) make the dish - which in this case said "serves six"
4) when the dish is done, put it back on the scale with the hotpad
5) measure the whole thing, subtract the weight of the empty pot plus hotpad
6) divide that weight by six.

I knew then I got a half pound of my chicken picatta.

Another way to do it:

1) Put all the foods in the recipe builder
2) Save it as if the whole thing serves one (don't click on the box to put it in the shared databse)
3) when you get done making it, portion it out into however many servings look appropriate
4) go back into your recipe, click on the button to create a recipe makeover and put the correct amount of servings in. Then add that serving to your tracker.

It's tricky, but it's worth it to create your own recipes and know how many calories you're getting.

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4/23/14 11:46 A

Thank you so much !! This is exactly what i need :)

Have a great day !!

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4/23/14 11:39 A

I like to use enter the items, and how to cook it, also enter servings and it will calculate it all for you. Then there is a button to add to your tracker and once you do that, it will be in your favorites list for easy access the next time you make it.


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4/23/14 11:24 A

I am having trouble tracking homemade recipes. I need some tips and tricks.

I have measured out each item and then had a grand total of calories for the entire meal but without measuring how may servings its hard to tell. Im sorry, im new at this and Im not sure if Im doing it right. Last night I measure out my own portion and cooked separately from familys. Is this the easiest way?

Thank you :)

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