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STEPH057 Posts: 252
4/7/13 11:55 A

It can be labor intensive, but I usually just add my homemade meals to the recipe builder. That way, I already have it saved for when I eat leftovers or if I make it again.

4/6/13 11:20 P

I enter all of the 15 items, and store in group. I think it short sighted to only look at calories, vitamins and minerals are what brought me to this sight. The tracker here is MARVELOUS!

BADMOONRISING64 SparkPoints: (1,892)
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4/6/13 10:47 P

It may be labor-intensive to enter recipes, but in the long run it's easier to just plug them in for calorie-counting over weeks, rather than checking multiple separate ingredients over and over.

At least, here I can edit the amount of ingredients when occasionally needed as opposed to MyFitnessPal where it doesn't allow you to edit them. You have to delete and re-enter them, which is even worse because I have to scan the food database again. The search engine there is rather poor.

I don't think you have to enter all the ingredients if they are basically non-caloric like herbs and spices.

4/6/13 10:41 P

Thanks everyone, I will check out the tracker a bit more closely and will bite the bullet and input my most common recipes. I tend to "wing it" in the kitchen and don't always know exactly how much quantity of stuff I use but hey, maybe that's what got me to 200 lbs! Will pay closer attention: to the cooking and the tracking.......

NIRERIN Posts: 14,156
4/6/13 10:15 P is under the articles and videos section as well. if your chili has 15 ingredients, you enter in all the ingredients in whatever quantity you used them in, enter in the yield [if you weigh the pot beforehand you can weight the full pot when you are done and enter in the whole amount as a serving or any arbitrary number like 100 grams. then when you weigh out your portion just enter what you actually ate 250 grams and the tracker will do all the math for you], and save it. then you can add that to your tracker, just like any food that already has a label.

LOVEMOUSE82 SparkPoints: (3,788)
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4/6/13 10:14 P

Well I think it depends on what the 15 ingredients are....very rarely would I track something like bell peppers in a recipe like this....I am assuming ground turkey and possibly beans are involved. But I don't think there is a need to track things like herbs and spices.

I do track veggies like tomatoes and mushrooms, olives, etc...especially if its in a salad. But for recipes like this, I might just use the major main ingredients at first with accurate measurements.

I make homemade bean and venison burritos that do have a lot of ingredients. I usually don't worry about the things like green chiles or scallions, but those things usually don't make up the biggest percentage of the calories of the meal anyway.

Remember that on your nutrition tracker you can input groupings, so if you want to sit down and take the time to put in all the ingredients you can then make it a group, name it "turkey chili" or whatever, and then it will be super easy to input that recipe every other time you use it. Getting your favorites and groupings together might take some time at first but I have found it super useful and then it makes it convenient later. It will only be a pain to input it once. Then use the groupings or the favorites after that.

4/6/13 10:06 P

I add up all the calories in my homemade dishes. Then divide the total by the number of servings. I then enter that in my "favorites" in my nutrition tracker. Once they're there, I never have to enter them again. I can just call them up and plop them down into my tracker.

A few cookbooks I have give the calories/fat/protein/carbs and servings along with the recipes. So, I don't have to do the math myself.

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4/6/13 9:57 P

Hi Everyone, I'm a 41 yr old woman and am ready to start losing weight and eating better but I'm having trouble with the nutrition tracker. I eat almost only whole meals that I cook myself: is it just me or does it seem like this will be very labour intensive to input all my recipes/into the tracker? Is there a streamlined way? Ideas? Just bite the bullet and do it anyway? For example, how would I track the homemade turkey chili I made tonight that has 15 ingredients?

Any suggestions or instructions would be great! Thanks everyone!

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