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3/11/13 10:17 A

What worked for me was tracking my food compulsively, every day, and cutting out cheat days. I also went to the gym almost every day.

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JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/11/13 9:44 A

Everyone hit the nail on the head. There is no diet. There is just eating healthy, good foods, and limiting the "junk" or processed foods. When I first started here, I kept thinking that I was doing well, (I was limiting my calories and exercising) but my diet wasn't really and truly healthy, it was just low calorie. (Or in the calorie range) I kept saying it had to be a sustained lifestyle change, but I didn't really make the right changes.

Somehow, this time, I did. I am eating far healthier than I have in years. I'm eating whole foods and fruits and veggies, not breakfast bars, or meal replacement things. I am telling you, the change in me is amazing! NOW I see why people make the change! I feel strong, healthier, more energetic, more alert, and I just stopped eating a few things that weren't great!

I'm not a dietician. I'm not a touter of any "diet", but I will say one thing. I was quite likely a sugar addict. I could eat so many sweets, and I stopped getting sick. It was very unhealthy. My sister, who is thin and never had a weight problem, started eliminating some processed foods from her diet. I decided if a year or so later, she is still doing it, I will try it too. So I have a smoothie for breakfast. It is homemade. I blend spinach, blueberries, mango and strawberries with a little bit of yogurt and water. It is delicious! I have a salad for lunch. Now, many people don't like salads, but I do it loaded with veggies and grilled chicken. I will give myself other options in the future when I tire of it, but right now, I love it. Then I have lean meats, a rice or starch, and veggie for dinner. I do not feel REMOTELY deprived right now. I know that there will come a day where the sugar craving will be intense. However, I went to a birthday party saturday and AVOIDED eating the potato chips, the cake, and all the junk. I snacked a little on the veggies.

Now, when I get closer to my goal weight, I will allow little splurges here and there, because a lifestyle wouldn't be accurate if I never had certain junk foods ever again. For example, when my daughter turns 2, I will have a piece of cake. I'm just trying to eliminate eating it for a while, so that when I do, I'm more in control of myself, and see what I truly have to lose.

My keys are hard work, determination, and moderation. I know that I won't be perfect forever, but if I can keep on track, it will be more of a lifestyle change than I have ever made!!

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3/11/13 8:13 A

Congratulations! You’ve taken a huge step by joining millions of other people who are trying to live healthier lives. SparkPeople has more tools, content, and community features than any other health or weight-loss website, so you might feel a little overwhelmed at first. To help you navigate the site, we created this guide, which will introduce you to your personalized program and help you learn to use some of our most popular tools and features.

Learning no habits that allow you to make healthy changes to your life will help you reach goals and then set new goals about weight and health as well as hobbies and life. Jump in and get started!

Coach Tanya

3/10/13 10:12 P

This is a great place to go when you decide to make the commitment to a earthy life stle. It offers so much that just by default your brain is learning new ways. I love the support you get here without the feeling of judgement.

3/10/13 9:52 P

The most helpful part of this site for me is the nutrition tracker. I would highly recommend setting yours up and using it. But what I really like is that there are no "concrete rules." Just guidelines and great advice. As long as you stay within your recommended calorie range, you can eat whatever you want and exercise as much or as little as you feel like doing. Its really a lifestyle, not a diet, and the secret to success is to make it one you can live forever.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/10/13 9:39 P

when you get off the diet rollercoaster and understand that it is a life style change that is the first place to start. use all that sparks has to offer. If you set up your goals here sparks will tell you how many calories to eat in a day. It's based on your weight loss goals, your workout minutes in a week. Good luck I am sure that you can do this..........

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3/10/13 8:27 P

I have been on the diet roller coaster for years and not wanting to pay for a program like Weight Watchers (which I have done and failed before). I guess I just don't know what the "diet" portion of this plan is. I guess I need concrete rules to follow..... Anyone who can help me out or steer me in a direction so I can get the most out of this site I would be so thankful!!

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