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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
8/25/13 9:38 P

I used to binge a lot, and what worked for me was low carb. I think most of it had to do with cleaning up what I ate. Getting rid of sugar, processed foods etc.

Stop and ask yourself what foods you eat before a binge happens. I would be willing to bet it is carbs. What you need to do is switch the typesof carbs that you eat, and have more low glycemic carbs like certain fruits and vegetables, along with lean meats, beans, cheeses, etc. Just avoid high glycemic carbs, or whatever foods trigger those binges, and without the binges, you will be able to stick to your plan.

You should be able to eat 90% of the carbs out there that are real food, and since they don't cause you any problems, you can still eat high carb, just better carb. Track everything, and you will probably see that sweets, or something like corn, or pasta are triggers. Something as simple as switching to green beans, and brown rice instead can get rid of cravings.

Hope you figure out what is causing the binges. Even more than losing 8 lbs, it just feels good to be in control.

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JUDY1260 Posts: 1,567
8/25/13 12:11 P

The extra weight you carry in your mid-section could be genetics. You can continue working out (cardio, Pilates and/or strength training will probably help). I like SP's suggestion to switch to maintenance and making toning your goal. IMO, you might be experiencing cravings because you're not eating enough. You said you're at a healthy weight so what you really want, I assume, is to tone and sculpt. Your body needs fuel to increase muscle. Try increasing your daily calorie range. I know it sounds crazy but give it a shot and see what happens after a week or two. I bet your cravings die down and you'll start seeing changes in your body without a weight gain.

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,203
8/25/13 10:34 A

one thing that you can do is to buy some sweets for the family that you don't like. for example if milk duds hold no appeal for you, keep a box of those in the house rather than the dark chocolate squares that you will eat the whole bag of.
and if you love caramel, then i say have caramel. but don't buy a bag of the kraft ones in the baking or candy aisle that will lead to overeating. find a fancy chocolate shop that is off your beaten path and buy one or two of the things and make an event of it. the additional cost of the fancy chocolate shop and it being out of your way will help you limit this one. also find a caramel tea that you really can have a cup of everyday if you wanted. so when you want caramel, have the tea most of the time. when the tea isn't quite hitting the spot, plan a trip to the chocolate shop for the real stuff. you might also want to find a place that does their own caramel popcorn and make that an event like the chocolate shop. one more option would be to find a recipe that you love and keep the ingredients on hand. having to actually make and clean up after something will limit how often you make it.
just apply this to whatever your weakness is. don't keep it in the house. find a lower cal item that kinda hits the spot most of the time. keep the ingredients on hand to make it and those time and effort constraints will help you limit your consumption. find a fancy, out of the way, make it an occasion way to give in to the weakness and cost and time constraints will help you limit your consumption.

8/24/13 5:55 P

You might find some helpful tips from our Sparkpeople 4-week plan to break the sugar addiction:

Your SP Registered Dietitian

XOALYSSA51 Posts: 161
8/24/13 5:27 P

Thanks for the advice, guys! I try to stay around 1,500 calories a day & I eat real foods (lean meats, veggies, fruit, etc.). I feel so much better when I eat them, but sometimes I just can't resist those cravings. I think I may try going 30 days without sugary junk again & hopefully that'll help kill some of the cravings & when I do eat those foods, I'll only need a portion to be satisfied. Thanks again!

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
8/24/13 3:38 P

Eating REAL food seems to not make me crave sweets

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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Posts: 1,379
8/24/13 9:27 A

For me, just stopping eating sweets for a while killed most of my desire for them, so .. hmm. But then I'm not really a binge eater these days anyway. Maybe it's a mental thing for you? You might do better if you stop trying to be "perfect" with the sweets and actually plan to eat just a little bit every so often. I know you say you have issues with your family, but those can be gotten around if you really want to -- for people who aren't aiming for a binge in the first place, "out of sight, out of mind" works quite well. So just prevail on them to keep their sweet snacks out of your sight. For you, still don't buy sweets, obviously, but when you've planned to have something every few days, leave the house, go out and buy just the one thing, then come back and eat it. Maybe it'll help.

Also, make sure you're eating enough at other times to keep up with the amount of exercise you're doing. Without seeing your tracker I can't be sure, but especially since you're already at a healthy weight, it's possible you're undereating, and I think that can contribute to binges for some people. Modifying your expectations might help there -- for example, if you're trying to lose 2 pounds a week but are binging such that you lose nothing, maybe you could modify your intake to aim to lose only 1/2 pound a week, but then not binge, and actually make progress.

Good luck!

RUSSELL1960 SparkPoints: (42,617)
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8/24/13 9:10 A

I love chocolate! I like to say that I lost over 50 pounds on chocolate! It's true. I've kept the weight off for five months now. I haven't stopped eating chocolate and I don't intend to. What I like about the Spark People approach is the freedom to eat what you want as long as you stay within your calorie range. So I keep a bag of Hershey's dark chocolate kisses around. I often eat one a day as a special treat. I let it melt in my mouth and savor it for all its worth. It is a guilt free, wonderful snack because its only 20 calories. It certainly is possible to eat just one and feel completely satisfied and proud of yourself. The good news is that you can have another tomorrow, and the next day and the next. Challenge the false thinking which labels chocolate as a bad food which inevitably leads to out of control binges. It can be responsibly included as a delightful part of your healthy living disciplines. I say a kiss a day keeps the binges away!

8/24/13 8:23 A

It would be most helpful if you would make your nutrition tracker public. Them I may be able to give more helpful suggestions. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

You may do best by setting your goal for weight maintenance not weight loss, and focus your attention on toning your body. Sounds like you are not happy with your belly area. While you can not spot tone or spot reduce---you can incorporate some resistance type exercises to help tone the area. Work on achieving a healthier percentage body fat.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

HEALTHYJ29 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/24/13 1:42 A

Are you eating enough calories on a daily basis with proper balance? Sometimes under eating or restricting certain food groups can lead to cravings and binging. You have a high activity level so that requires proper fuel too

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
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8/23/13 7:37 P

from what i've heard, people who give up sugar actually stop craving it. but i think you just need to either decide to eat sweets on a particular occasion -- and portion control-- or decide not to eat sweets and only eat fruit when you have a sweets craving.

do or do not... there is no try! emoticon

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
8/23/13 3:46 P

"because my family likes to eat them too & I can't expect them to not buy them just because of me: WHY NOT???

I am going to go off on a tangent here then reply to your post. Isn't your family's health just as important as yours? Don't you want your family around for a long time? just because they may not have to lose weight, shouldn't they eat healthy anyway. Its a win-win situation anyway i look at it. (I realize this may be easier said than done. but my health comes first. without it, I wouldn't be around for my family)

For snacking-- have snacks premade and available. If you choose to buy sweets because your family wants them, you just have to choose not to eat them. Find something to do instead of eating. I play a mind game with myself- sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't-- For the most part you are not hungry. You are bored, tired, or stressed out. Giving into cravings will not help you. Tell yourself that you will have treat in 10 minutes-- just have to sweep the floor first. maybe help the kids with homework. Maybe read the baby a story. Maybe take a short walk around the block. Maybe call a friend on the phone.
Brush your teeth, eat a piece of gum.

Good luck

XOALYSSA51 Posts: 161
8/23/13 3:12 P

Hey guys, I need some serious help when it comes to cravings/bingeing. I do really well with my workouts. I workout 5-6 days per week. I always meal plan & I'll follow it for a few days, but then I'll get a craving, give into it, & sometimes even binge to the point where I feel sick. My main food that I binge on is sweets. I've gone 30 days before with no sugary foods & I did really well. But then I fell off & started eating them again. My problem is that I can't have just one serving. It's always two or more. I can't exactly get them out of the house because my family likes to eat them too & I can't expect them to not buy them just because of me. I do my own food shopping & buy only healthy foods, but I just can't stop overeating every few days! I don't have a lot to lose (I'm at a healthy weight), but I have some extra belly fat that I just can't rid of until I stop with this horrible eating once or twice a week. Any advice?? I'd really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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