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3/10/13 9:50 A

Habit carries you through a lot. That and realizing that not everything about living healthy is tied together. You may have no energy to get out and "exercise" with a capital E, but you might be able to commit to short slog around the block and who knows, maybe it turns into more. Maybe it doesn't. It's still better than doing nothing. And feeling sick has very little to do with what you eat, of course, and that's most of weight loss right there.

Depression is a bee-yotch. I didn't really get anywhere until after I committed to staying on the OTC medication that seems to work for me and not falling off the wagon on that, no matter what. It just makes everything 100 times easier when my brain's not CONSTANTLY trying to tell me how tired I am, and how much I suck, and how hard life is, and blahblahblahomgihatedepression. So I don't know what your situation is with that, but maybe think about it if it's an option.

Good luck.

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3/10/13 9:13 A

I would ask myself why do I get sick all the time.. I live in denmark and our strains flu and influenza are rough all year round..

I would ask myself am I doing a good enough rotation of vegetables and fruit- am I eating enough of them to get all those vitamins the body needs in via nutrition...

I go from in snow storms, where it pours and is bitterly cold into homes that are up to 26 degree all day .. I don't get sick - have not had illness since I make sure I rotate all my food and as sour as it is I never just stick to the stuff I like.. I also take those things that are less favourites and try the stuff I don't like cooked different ways to add more possiblities to get the vitals in..

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3/8/13 8:26 P

I think it's time to see a doctor too. Eating healthy and nutritious food can help heal the body also. As for exercising, I recommend light activities until you and the doctor figure out what's wrong. Start with walking or yoga. Once you are feeling stronger then you can add other exercises.
Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

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3/8/13 6:47 P

I think it would pay for you to make an appointment with your Dr to see what is going on. It is possible that bloods will be done to see that they are fine, or if you need a supplement or medication for whatever the problem is.

I generally don't do any/much exercise at all when I just don't have the energy because my body is using it trying to defeat whatever is ailing me. One thing you CAN do is try to ensure that your nutrition is mostly healthy - lots of fruit/veges and quality protein but not from processed foods. It is these times that if you MUST focus on this journey, just try maintenance mode rather than weight-loss mode.

Hopefully you are feeling better pretty soon.
Take care,

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3/8/13 5:18 P

I live in a part of the world that is lousy with allergens for most of the year, plus I have migraines, so I totally understand. It is really hard to put forth the effort to work out and cook something healthy when you feel really badly.
But sometime I wonder if the medicines that I take to fight a headcold or headache don't increase my sugar and carb cravings. It would make sense I guess - medicines change your body's ph, and if it changes in a certain way, yeasts can grow easier. Not to be gross, but if you are a lady, think about when you take an antibiotic. Yeast in your intestine makes you crave sugar. Maybe its true for other medicines too? I have certainly noticed a patten, maybe its the same with you! Not saying not to take your medicine, but maybe add probiotic or something alkalinizing to balance everything? Or try something natural if possible?
What motivates me to get up and out of bed and helps me fell better is: Whole Foods. I love going there, I will find a way to drive there or get someone else to go there for me even when I am in the throes of a pukey, blinding, terrible migraine. Something about the wide isles and bright fruits and vegetables and flowers and nice lighting makes me happy. Plus their juice bar is great. Usually a juice with the right ingredients makes me feel better and satisfies my sweet tooth. For stomach issue, ginger is always good, and greens like spinach and kale always help me get over a cold.
I kind of feel like working out and changing your habits pushes your body into some kind of weird unhealthiness withdrawl. Maybe its the toxins being released or something. Usually you should listen to your body, but in this case, I tell mine to shut up and listen to my brain. :-)
You have to find healthy foods that you like! And that like you back. Maybe you have a food allergy? I tried to start snacking on nuts and dried fruits to beat the mid morning bagel craving and started getting bad skin rashes and stomach aches only to find out that I have a tree-nut allergy. Could you have a food allergy? Maybe something in your diet is making you feel icky.
Exercise-wise, I don't know. It is really de-motivating to be sick. Dont run if you cant breathe, or do sit ups if you are throwing up, but even something light like yoga or stretching still gets the heart rate up, tones muscles, and (maybe most importantly) gets your mind off feeling sick.
Hope some of this helps!

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3/8/13 5:15 P

I reckon if I was sick for 6 weeks, I'd see my doctor, even if it's "off and on" and not 6 weeks straight. Might not be a cold; could be allergies or a sinus infection or something else, that can be treated. Might not hurt to mention the depression as well.

I think staying motivated or getting re-motivated (for me) is a matter of focusing on my goals, and doing the things that will help me reach them. Exercise has never been one of those things I enjoy; but I DO enjoy the results I get, when I do it regularly. So I rise up and do it. I'm not overly fond of housework either; but I like a clean house so I do it.

And even when I'm starving, I can make healthy choices. It all comes down to what's more important to me.

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3/8/13 3:27 P

In December, I decided enough was enough, I joined the gym and decided to beat my sugar addictions and eat right (again). I threw out all the sugar in the house the day after x-mas and started spin class and walking. I was doing great for a few weeks then caught a nasty cold.

In the past, every time I started to work out or try to develop health habits, I always got sick. I used to think it was coincidence. Now I have been sick on and off for at least 6 weeks! I keep thinking Iv beat it and can get back into working out but it keeps coming back. I am doing all the normal stuff to get over a standard cold but now I am so many weeks behind, I feel like "when" I finally get better, I will be starting from scratch. I feel defeated and unmotivated. Also, when I am sick, I feel like I am starving and eat constantly. Its like the past two months were one step forward and two steps back.

How do you stay motivated in such circumstances? Additionally, I fight depression and dislike exercising so it took every bit of my strength just to start working out and eating right in the first place! Why can't I experience the rewards of healthy living, instead of getting sick!? It's SO hard to eat right and work out in the first place, how do you manage when you are sick for a longer than normal period of time?

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